Favorite Food Finds

This is my favorite popcorn! Of course I like that it comes in a huge bag at Costco for almost the same price that a little bag costs at Walgreen’s. Three ingredients: popcorn, coconut oil, and sea salt. And the best is that it is 130 calories per ounce, which is a nice sized snack bowl.


This is my favorite dark chocolate. When I first started W.W. 11(!) years ago, my sister said that I could have one of these bars for 4 points. I still think they are the best dark chocolate, but now I eat one or two little squares instead of a whole bar 🙂


This is my favorite milk chocolate. Yeah, nice that it is sugar free, I guess its good that they are low carb, but I really like this milk chocolate because of its super smooth texture and excellent chocolate taste. I like to have two small squares with my bowl of popcorn.


This is a new product at TJ’s. They have been selling the cacao nibs in small metal containers, and I really liked them. LOL, I liked them because they were 1 calorie per nib, and they had an intense chocolate flavor. Sometimes, just five nibs was all I needed.


One more TJ’s product–fresh edamame from their produce department. I really like edamame. My former trainer used to make an edamame tofu salad that was just delicious. I made this simplified version of it, using chicken instead of the tofu. No recipe, but it has an Asian accent to it–soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, salt and pepper. And obviously corn.


And then there’s Shelley’s Hippie Granola! Making a batch of this stuff makes me very happy. It smells absolutely delicious while it is baking, and tastes just as good when its done. I’ve been making more yogurt lately, so yesterday I made another batch of Shelley’s granola. Yumm. Yumm. Yummmmm.




9 thoughts on “Favorite Food Finds

  1. I love Trader Joes, but the nearest one is an hour away. Then when I go there I get all that snacky stuff LOL – and the speculoos cookied butter…

    Cocoa nibs are really good. I didn’t try them for a long time because I though they were like chocolate covered coffee beans, which I can’t stand (surprisingly), but the nibs are nice crunchy bits.

    • My TJ’s are an hour away too. But so is every other major store in the world. So I don’t get there that often, and now when I do, I have a shopping list with me. Keeps me from buying the snacky stuff 🙂

      Ooh, I LOVE chocolate covered coffee beans!

  2. You are tempting me to swing by Trader Joe’s next time I’m up visiting our youngest…I know there’s one somewhat nearby her! Cracking up at eating the entire bar back in the day vs. a couple of squares now…see? Progress. 🙂

    I need to make some granola. You make it look so good!

    • They have so many good things that you can’t get other places, and sometimes much cheaper than other places! I know–progress, very slow, but sure 🙂

  3. I’m with the Trader Joes is hours away group. I so wish we could have one closer but I’ve been told that the big grocery store conglomerate that is Stop and Shop goes to court and blocks them every time they get too close. Sigh. We might be getting a Costco soon though! Then I’ll just have to decide if I want to go there or stick with my current warehouse store.

    2 squares vs. a whole bar – well, that’s just progress and knowledge. I think sometimes when we start a diet we need to know what’s the maximum we can have. Then we learn that less often satisfies – sometimes even more so than eating the whole thing!

  4. No TJs near me either. We have a Sprout’s that is about a half hour away from me, I wonder if they have some of the same (or similar) foods. Guess I’ll have to go check it out!

    I need to make some more Hippie Granola – it’s been way too long! 🙂

    • I like Sprouts too! They are different than TJ’s, but fun. They have “bins,” bulk dry goods, but you have to watch out–they have a lot of “trail mix” in the bins!

  5. Edamame were hard to get here in Holland but I saw them recently in one of our grocery stores. I haven’t bought them yet although I have eaten them in the past and liked them.

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