Blueberry Yogurt Coffee Cake

One morning I woke up with a lot of yogurt in the fridge, and some frozen blueberries in the freezer. And the taste of the cinnamon/brown sugar filling from my cinnamon buns in my mind. How could I combine all of these into one breakfast treat?


Morning treats for my sewing ladies!

I can’t really remember if I looked at other recipes as a jumping off place for this recipe, but here is what I came up with. I think its tasty enough to serve to “regular people,” and yet low enough in calories that I can enjoy it any day of the week. Click here to see the recipe. 



5 thoughts on “Blueberry Yogurt Coffee Cake

  1. What a pretty layout for your sewing ladies! I have to ask, is that blue woven bowl from Eucalyptus Stoneware (located in Del Mar)? I have many pieces that look just like yours!

    • That’s an interesting question. My next door neighbor gave me that as a “house warming” present when the work was finally finished. She has very good taste. I’ll have to remember to ask her next time I see her.

  2. Yeah I’m kind of in love with that bowl! Your table looks so pretty – I love blue & white together. And your coffee cake looks delicious!! 🙂

  3. That looks delicious and I bet your sewing ladies really enjoyed it. I’m with everyone else loving all the blue and white pieces on your pretty table.

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