The Biggest Loser

I admit it. I watch that ridiculous, irritating show, “The Biggest Loser.” I am jealous of their fantastic weight loss achievements. I feel bad that I am so weak, and I cannot even maintain the 100 pounds that I lost.

Me at my lowest weight of 155 pounds, about ten years ago.

Me at my lowest weight of 155 pounds, about ten years ago.

But then one day a few months ago, my BF sent me this old picture. I was shocked. Maybe its not so bad after all. Maybe I am a little better off than I was in those pictures.

image1 copy

About 20 years ago.

Here’s another picture I found (@ Shelley–my first two dachshunds! @Lori–pre-garden re-make!)


About 15 years ago.

I didn’t maintain all 100 lost pounds, but still I sure was a lot better off than I was back in those days. I started wondering about how many of the Biggest Losers were still maintaining their weight loss. I looked around online and couldn’t really find any definitive articles. And then my BF sent me a link to this article. Ohhhh. Wow. Not too many of them are maintaining their weight loss. And maybe there’s a reason its so very hard to keep the weight off.

So the opposite side of “fighting destiny,” and a part of how I feel every day is “I AM the Biggest Loser!” I am one million times better off now than I was in those old pictures. Even with bad knees, I can roll up my pants, take off my shoes and climb (very carefully 🙂 ) over the rocks at Crystal Cove.

Me at my current weight.

Me at my current weight.

I refuse to feel “less than” because I am not as thin as I used to be. I will be content and happy and grateful that I have worked hard and long to learn to live and enjoy a healthier life.

22 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser

  1. You ARE so much better off and so much healthier than you were. Your accomplishments are no small thing and you should be very, very proud. You most definitely should love and care about yourself and feel more than over less than. You are amazing!

  2. I love what you wrote here and YES, it’s so important to remember and acknowledge how far you’ve come and how much better off you are now. Would it be nice to have stayed at our lowest weight loss points? Sure…but there is life to be lived, good food to be eaten, and it’s not worth stressing over every single morsel. You look beautiful in every picture.

    P.S. Love the original dachshunds! What were their names?

    • Lainie the Wirehair, she was on the blog when I started. Celie is the black (and tan) one. She hardly had any tan. My last standard poodle, Charlie, had died, and it was the first time I had been dog-less for as long as I can remember. I didn’t even have a computer, but had discovered dog rescue online at work. And I saw her face and fell in love. She had been ignored and mistreated, and she loved me so much! I named her Celie, after The Color Purple. When she died unexpectedly and suddenly (I had only gone to get my car oil changed) I had to stuff something in my mouth to keep from screaming so loud I would alarm the neighbors. Man, I loved that little dog. Aren’t you glad you asked? 🙂 This is the Reader’s Digest Condensed version of The Story of Celie.

      • I’m so sorry about how Celie died – that must have been just devastating. Dogs will rip your heart out, that’s for dang sure.

  3. Debby… WW tells us that losing just 10% makes a huge difference in our vitals. I am sure your body appreciates the changes you have made. HOWEVER, No matter what your “current” weight is, you are an amazing gal with a super attitude. You are certainly an inspiration to me and others. I am totally fascinated with all the things you get yourself into–dieting, cooking healthy, quilting, rug hooking, animals, gardening, teaching–you name it– and you take the time to share all of it with us. Thank you for being you.

  4. Your story is my story with a few tweaks.
    A weight watcher instructor used to say, “losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is the hard part.”
    Thanks for sharing! I love your blog.

  5. I watch Biggest Loser and I enjoy it. Would never dream of attempting that insane lifestyle myself, and have always been aware that the success was short-lived for some, if not most. Honestly, that seems true for any diet or weight loss program. Each works for some permanently, works for others for awhile, and doesn’t work for others at all. The losing part and the maintaining part are two different things. Hey, if a few people who haven’t had our struggle start to realize that fat people aren’t simply lazy and undisciplined due to that article, that’s a win in my book! (I admit there are a few people whose noses I’d like to grind in that study. Ahem. Bad me.)

    As for you dear Debby, you are amazing and if you ever have more than a moment where you dare to think of yourself as weak, give me a call and I’ll set you straight. This info on metabolism only makes what you have done more remarkable. You sharing your thoughts and struggles and your positive, grounded attitude, is a blessing for me.

    • Ah! Another BL aficionado! I might have to call and commiserate with you during the next season! And you are right–I bet the percentages of “successful loser/maintainers” is the same for BL as it is for most programs.

      And, ahem, if I called you every time I think of myself as weak, you would have to have a hotline installed just to handle the volume of calls. You’d have to put a special answering machine on it, because you would get tired of listening to the drivel 🙂

    • I hate it when I hit ‘enter” too soon!! Anyway, you definitely should feel proud of yourself!! Can you imagine what your quality of life would look like if you hadn’t made that final attempt at weight loss? And you for sure win an award for successful weight loss/maintenance. You are a ROCK STAR. 🙂

      • 1) That was Oliver! He looks bigger than I remember in this picture!
        2) My hair is getting long again!
        3) Badass. I guess that’s bigger than Big Ass 🙂

        4) I hate it when I hit enter too soon too! Thank you very much. And yes, it is sobering to think what my life would be like if I hadn’t tried one last time!

  6. It is an amazing dfference from then to now. I think you forget when you live in your current body how it was back in the really heavy days.

    The media saturates us too much with expectations of weight loss. I never watched TBL, but I see the before and after pictures and my thought always is, how many compression garments are they wearing under those clothes? I wish a show would get real. I guess the most real show is My 600-pound-life, which is kind of scary and sad.

    • That’s exactly it–you do forget. Most days for at least part of the day I think of myself as heavy. I have to really think about it to remember what it felt like back then.

  7. Debby, you are beautiful and strong! You have made amazing strides in your life. Be proud of your accomplishments and the fact that you have continued to fight the good fight! Phillip 3:13! You rock!

  8. Wonderful post. And, yes, there is a huge difference in your before pictures and current pictures. Weight loss maintenance is difficult and I think you have done great.

  9. I like your conclusion; yes, you ARE better off now.

    The authors of that demoralizing article oughta be horsewhipped. I mean, I’ve read of so very many people (online in the wt loss community) who were discouraged after they read it.

    I love Sean Anderson’s response. I don’t know if you’ve read it on his blog, so here it is; it’s wonderfully hopeful:

    • Hmmm, I didn’t find the article demoralizing. I always find it gives me hope that there is proof of the difficulty of keeping weight off, that it is not just me being weak. I think the reason many of us blog (like Sean) is to provide hope to others that even though it is difficult, it is still possible.

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