In The Garden

One by one, blooms are starting to appear in the garden. It has been a slower start to the blooms because of our cooler temps (yay) but more lush because of more rain (yay.) I’ve forgotten what this perennial is called. Its a really nice blue with purple tinges.


Right next to it these little campanulas bloomed for the first time.


Yesterday I went out to the yard to see what Noah was barking at, and I was completely surprised to see that these roses had started blooming! This is the $5 rose from the grocery store!


This columbine is also doing much better than last year.


And the patch of carnations has started blooming. I love carnations. Such a lovely aroma.


Today we had another rain storm. I got these nice pictures of the roses. I couldn’t decide which I liked best, so you get to see all of them.




Then I went out front to get a shot of the honeysuckle vine. It is going great guns. This is the pink one, that doesn’t have any odor.





This is the only grass in the garden. It just showed up here one day, and MLG and I are so pleased that it centered itself. It must taste terrible, because the deer never touch it.



And that’s it for the garden tour this week. I really haven’t done much planting yet–a few marigolds and petunias. They got a little beaten down by the storms that we’ve had, but they look like they will do well, as soon as we get a little sunny weather. I planted the cleome seeds that Lori sent me, andย am inspecting daily for signs of seedlings. I also planted some seeds in those little peat pots, and they will be ready to plant in a week or two.

Happy Weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “In The Garden

  1. Noah was yelling “Mom! Your roses are blooming. Come look! Come look now!” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Which rose is that? It looks like a tea rose.

    This is my first year with columbines and I hope they bloom! I have 2 and I’ve heard they reseed freely, so that is my hope. They are such a pretty, pretty flower.

    You garden looks so lush and well hydrated now.

    I made the mistake of going to the garden center yesterday without a specific list, only that I wanted some annuals for my pots. Well, Mother’s day $2.99 perennial sale and I walk out with a dozen plants and no annuals for my pots! I did get some more Cleome already started, even though I have some going from seed, just because I couldn’t resist. Those always sell out early at garden centers, so I figured if I wanted more, I should get them (That’s right, Lori, justify it… )

    • I think it was actually labeled “Love.” It looks just like the Love rose. Pretty sure its a hybrid tea, only one rose per stem every time. The stems seem kind of spindly to me. I think that’s because it was a second or something, thus at the grocery store. Still, its done pretty darn good.

      I love columbines too. And they do reseed. Reasonably, not like those crazy fairy impatiens. Last year, even though it was so dry, I had a terrible problem with the columbines getting mold on them. I cut them way back, and I even threw out some of them. They seem to be doing very well this year.

      Haha, now I have an irresistible urge to go to the nursery ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I wish I could garden as successfully as you do. I tried to plan flowers this year and I’m pretty sure I ended up killing them. Not a single one bloomed. I guess it matters how deep you bury the seeds, haha.

  3. Love Noah near the honeysuckle. Such a pretty boy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Carnations. My favorite cut flower…and I wish I could grow them here. I’d be in smell-heaven!

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