A Little Garden Report

The last big garden project–a stone path through the hydrangea bed. Here it is from one end:


And from the other end:


The hydrangeas are big and lush this year. I can hardly wait for them to bloom. And that reminded me of how far we’ve come. Here’s a before–they are one of the first things I had MLG put into the ground–April 2013. They were small and spindly from too many years in a pot.


And here they are now!


Here is the sad Japanese maple, growing out of its planter box–the tree that started this whole garden project.


And when the first bed was complete, the tree had a new home.


Here is the same tree today!


I’ve been scoping out the nurseries, and got a few new plants. This is a moss rose. I love the delicate coloring, and the bit of lime green in the center.


I got these lemon drop something-or-others. They do well in the shade. And the deep red petunia is a different color for me. And some blue lobelia, because they are just so darned pretty.


The first (and only) bloom from the J&P rose I got last fall. It is still a tiny bush. But I like the color of the bloom, and it does have a very nice smell, as promised.


This is the snapdragon I got from Annie’s last year. It is a nice delicate apricot color, which I love. I hope it will re-seed itself, or at least stick around for another year.



And that’s all the news that’s fit to print this Sunday morning. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

13 thoughts on “A Little Garden Report

  1. It must be so lovely to get up in the morning and wander through your garden to see what’s going on.

    • Well, truth be told, the first thing I wander through looking for is little “presents” from the dogs 🙂 But then, yes, it is fun to see what’s new.

  2. That is incredible to see how happier your plants are now that they have room to grow – and how fun to have the comparison pictures! That path came out great and I love love love all of the color in your yard. Oh and I used to plant lobelia everywhere when we lived in California; loved the pretty color and how well it did.

    P.S. Hello Miss Sophie!!

    • Sophie does try very hard to position herself in just the right light when photos are being taken 🙂 You are making me want to go get another six pack of lobelia!

  3. Wow! You know that saying “the right plant in the right place” and you can just see the difference in all those, plus the maturity of a couple years as well. Fantastic!

    The foxgloves that you sent me last year are back and going to bloom soon! I don’t know if I have any baby ones, but I let seed fall last year in hopes of them germinating. I might try to save the seeds and help them out.

    • My foxgloves seemed stronger this year–some were really tall, but I didn’t have to stake them up. I hope they will make some new babies for next year. Free plants are always more enjoyable 🙂

  4. Basically you’ve proved to me what I’ve said all along: perennial plants/trees/bushes like to be in the ground over being in containers. Everything really is coming up *hydrangeas* now!

    • Oh yeah. Its just amazing to me how much better everything is doing in the ground. It makes what the bonsai masters do even more impressive.

    • Well, you know, a garden is never really done. And living in the forest, there’s always a lot to clean up. But no more stonework for now. Me and my car are very tired of picking up stones.

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