Four Days and Four Hours

I spent four days the past week consistently working in the garden. Weeding weeding weeding. And watering. Moving plants around. And yes, I did go to the nursery and get quite a few plants for all the empty spots. This year I tried to be more organized, and  paid careful attention to the labels–FULL SUN, PART SUN/SHADE, and FULL SHADE. I think I did a pretty good job of getting plants that might thrive in the environment that I have.

Then yesterday MLG came over to help out. I swear, he can do more in four hours than I can do in four days.

I didn’t tell you about this little incident that almost gave me a heart attack. Last week, when I was out of town, I got a text from my baby sitter saying that Zoey had escaped the dog yard, and then escaped the big yard, and a neighbor had found her barking to get back in. She told my next door neighbor, who put her back, and then called my babysitter (who lives on the same road,) and she came over and found the little hole that the bad little girls had dug under the fence. Zoey was the only one small enough to get out! Its not safe outside the big fence, so I was really upset that that happened. My babysitter texted me twice a day to reassure me that all the dogs were still in their yard, which was sweet of her. Anyway, that was the first thing I wanted MLG to work on–fixing that area of the fence so they couldn’t dig out again. He is so clever about just looking around at what materials we have available, and using those for repairs. He suggested putting the pots there for a deterrent, and also just to make it look nice. Good idea. He arranged the pots and put the dirt in them for me, and then after he left, I dug up some of the crazy impatiens and repotted them, and put that bark there, just because I had it. I was pleased to see this morning that it looks like the impatiens have survived their move. (In case you’re wondering, the majority of the dog yard is chain link fencing, but that small area between the storage shed and their dog house is different.)


I had said that we were done with the stone work a while ago, but actually MLG had requested a few more large stones to finish up this area. I picked out six huge stones at the stone store. Just six stones weighed 300 pounds! It finishes off this area nicely.


MLG did this the last time he was here. The ground cover in the foreground was in a pot. I told him I was ready to toss it. He doesn’t like killing any plant, so he suggested planting it in the back garden. It has taken off nicely.


This is a new little area. I just planted a row of lobelia, and a new plant–I think the guy at the nursery called it False Oregano.


I think its really a pretty, unusual plant.


The rose bed lost the big clump of snapdragons this year. So I got one of my favorite lantanas, and a new-to-me violet yarrow to fill in. I will plant new snapdragons in the fall.


Noah inspects MLG’s work.


I added some begonias to the shade garden, and the double impatien in the pot is starting to bloom.


I found this cool plant with the huge leaves, that said it needed part shade. I hope it will do well in this  spot. I’ve had a hard time finding a good plant for this little area (adjacent to the shade garden.)


The front bed, which has now become a pretty shade spot, thanks to the cherry tree and the honeysuckle. I did the most weeding here. It was a mess. In the fall I will replant the daisies to a sunnier spot. I found these new plants that need shade. They are a bright yellow-green color, and the flowers, which are supposed to flower all summer and fall, are a gorgeous shade of violet blue. Hmmm. As you might have noticed, I am terrible about keeping plant labels and remembering their names. Sorry ’bout that.


But isn’t it pretty?


I planted petunias early this year in this area. I got a “rosa Bonica” in a little four inch pot. Its supposed to bloom prolifically, so I think it’ll be a real nice addition to this area  in the future.


Just a shot of the marigolds, geranium, and a volunteer nasturtium. This was one of the areas where I weeded a LOT.



Much earlier in the year, I split a six pack of sweet peas with ML, my rug hooking friend. I’ve never had much luck with sweet peas, and I planted these in an “iffy” area–soil wasn’t primo. So I have been very pleased to see them take off and bloom a bit.


A nice shade of pink, don’t you think?


I have tried to get a good picture of this area. It is so charming to me. All these petunias, each of them a different color, self-seeded themselves between the stones here. I never thought they could make it, but so far they are doing very well.


And that is the end of the garden report for the week! If you’ve made it this far, thanks for following along, and have a great weekend.


8 thoughts on “Four Days and Four Hours

  1. I’m pretty sure the 3-lobed blue flower plant is spiderwort. I forget the real name, but it starts with T. I had platoons at our old house. They spread pretty rapidly.

    Please tell me you didn’t haul those big stones yourself?!?!

    I have decided that i’m not going to grow things from seed anymore unless I get a good setup. We have too short a growing season for them to get big enough. My marigolds are tiny, as are the zinnias. I don’t know if they will have time to flower. I am getting a ton of self-seeded cleome, though! Holy moley. I hope I didn’t make a mistake sending you some seed.

  2. Oh, interesting about the spiderwort. I don’t think that was the name on the plant, but it sure looks like the google images. If it spreads in that little area where I put it, that’s fine. its when it starts taking over the garden, like those crazy fairy impatiens (sorry I sent them to you 🙂 ) I like them, but I literally must have uprooted hundreds of them. And there’s still quite a few in places i never planned for them to be.

    No, I very carefully planned to go and pick the stones up the day before MLG came over so he could get them out of the car. I did move a couple of the smaller ones when I was picking them out at the stone yard.

    That’s so funny you mentioned seeds. I decided the same thing. Almost all the seeds I planted in the little containers failed, or were very frail. The money plants did the very best. I don’t think they will flower until next year. A few hollyhocks also did well, and those seeds were probably a couple of years old. The sunflowers were a big disappointment. I planted the cleome seeds you sent directly in the ground, but so far have not seen any signs of them.

  3. I love the fence fix – and your clay pots are so nice! That area looks great.

    I thought I paid enough attention to the whole sun/shade/part sun thing with the plants we bought this spring, but hooboy, a couple of them are looking rough. Of course, it’s been hotter than hades this week, so I’m sure that isn’t helping. And I laughed with you at forgetting the names of all the plants – I have maybe 15 all together, between the front and back yards, and I can’t remember what most of them are. I could go and search my blog, as I was pretty good about listing the names there…

    Your garden, as always, looks beautiful, and shows the effort you (and MLG) put into it. 🙂

  4. Oh my your garden is so beautiful!

    I need to know because I keep wondering everytime what is means: MLG. I have been reading that for years on your blog and still don’t know what it stands for LOL.

    I can so understand your worry about Zoey. I would have freaked out too. My Bella once ran away when we were on vacation and she was staying with my Mom. Luckily my Mom found her very soon and she didn’t tell us until we were back, otherwise I would have worried all vacation too.

    • Well, when I first found him, I called him my Garden Guy. A couple of commenters said he was much better than a garden guy. So I named him Master Landscape Guy (MLG.) He built all the planter beds in the garden, and all the stonework on the paths. He comes and works about every two weeks, doing whatever heavy and unpleasant chores I have, and then leaves everything all tidy and clean when he leaves. I love having him to help me.

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