Thoughts on Seeds and Other Stuff

Earlier this year, I tried planting seeds in those little peat pots to give them a head start, because we can’t be sure that frost is over until at least May 1. That experiment was mostly a dismal failure. The sunflower seeds were the most disappointing. I’m pretty sure they would have done better had I planted them directly in the ground. Out of 8 pots, only three weak seedlings survived to be planted in the ground, and of those three, only one remains. The hollyhock seeds (that were a couple of years old,) fared better. I got six seedlings, and planted them in two locations. Three are doing well–I’m guessing they are getting more sun than the others. Penstemons were a bust, as well as the cilantro. The ones that are doing the best are the “money plants.” I bought them because the picture on the seed packet was charming, and it said they were a staple of cottage gardens. Eight out of eight lived, and I planted them in various locations, and ALL of them are doing well. So yesterday I looked them up on the internet to read more about them. “Many people consider money plants a weed.” Oh…. that’s why they are doing so well, and in so many different locations. In reading further, they just self sow their seeds freely. So they will be like the fairy impatiens. I like them, I just don’t want a garden full of them. And I feel a little guilty “weeding” them out, since they are really nice plants. But I have learned to be ruthless with them 🙂 Conclusion: I will probably try seeds in the future. I will just plant them directly in the ground at the proper time.

Speaking of self-seeding–my little free petunia garden continues to do well!


The hydrangeas are really doing well this year. I think its a combination of being well established and having a cooler, wetter spring.



The bloom of the newest abutilon. There seems to be a lot of hybrids of this plant in the nursery these days. Not all are frost hardy. This is a short variety–supposed to get only 3 feet tall.


This little vine is such a pretty plant–also not frost hardy. I’ve bought one every year for the past few years. I think I’ve got it in the right spot this year.


Even though they want more sun, the daisies are starting to bloom. I really like the way these double ones look.



Changing the subject rapidly….and I know, sounding like a broken record…but this is one of my favorite recipes. Its so simple, especially if you have the meat pre-cooked, and buy vegetables that are already pre-chopped for you. Recipe for My Fried Rice is here. This batch has chicken, bean sprouts, broccoli slaw, mushrooms, onions, peas, a little bacon, and a scrambled egg. Only 250 calories for that big soup bowl. Dinner!


Another favorite–protein pancakes. This is the very best way to have them–put some walnuts in the batter, and I use about 1/3 very ripe mashed banana mixed with a little SF syrup for topping. I use Lori’s recipe. Only I noticed that I have substituted 1/3 cup of egg beaters for the whole egg. Either which way, YUMM. 300 calories with my additions.



Cleaning: When I’m not in the mood to clean, I’ve found that if I set the timer for 10 minutes, that is actually all the time it takes for most chores. I can unload and re-load the dishwasher in 10 minutes. I got a new vacuum cleaner recently. Just your basic Hoover. But it sucks really good compared to my old vacuum. So today, when I had vacuumed the bedroom and the mudroom rug, I didn’t want to vacuum the studio rugs. 10 minutes, I told myself. At the very end, I smelled something burning. I was so irritated. That’s what I get for buying a cheaper machine. So I go to see if there’s too much hair wound around the roller. There was what appeared to be a WHOLE SPOOLFUL of thread wound around it! So it took 10 minutes to vacuum, and 15 minutes to figure out what was wrong and fix it. In my defense, the spool that the thread came from was in the drawer where it belongs. Its not even thread that I’ve used in the past year! I guess the new vacuum really does have super suction!


I am off to the gym, for a longish swim session. I am happy to report that all the leg pain I’ve been dealing with is MUCH better, I’m pretty sure because I kept on exercising every day. Have a great weekend! Enjoy the (literal) fruits of summer, and have some fun exercising.


10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Seeds and Other Stuff

  1. Your free petunia garden is so fun – I love seeing groundcover among the stone path! And that fluffy, fringed daisy – sweet! The hydrangea pictures are really interesting to me because I never see the “stages” of bloom, usually only the final lush heads of hydrangea. Interesting to see how tiny they are in the beginning.

    I have had that same vacuum issue, only with my long hair. And while mine has been shorter for nearly a year, you’ve reminded me that I need to turn over my vacuum cleaner and check the rotating brush…I suspect a cleaning job will probably be necessary on that one. But hey – here’s to vacuum cleaners that really suck! 😉

    Glad your leg pain is better! Enjoy your pool time.

  2. I’m with you on seeds. Actually, I had some luck. I got 3 butterfly weed and the sweet annie is doing great, small, but starting to grow every day now. My marigolds are a bust. The ones in peat pots didn’t make it and the seeds that I put in the ground sprouted, but then got nibbled on. The squirrels are just terrible this year. I put the money plant seeds in and I haven’t seen any growth yet.

    The best luck I have is with moonflowers. The seeds are really big. I soak them overnight and plant them in the ground and almost every one comes up. I think I will just stick with those for seeds and quit dreaming of a flat full of annuals to put in the garden LOL!

  3. ME? Im so so so with you on the timer thing.
    I HATE CLEANING (Im yer girl for the laundry though :-)) and need to do that as well or Ill quit before 10 is even up…

  4. I use that same 10 minute rule when I don’t feel like working out. Most of the time I end up going longer and of course, never regret the workout, just as I’m sure you never regret getting that vacuuming done.

    I grew some flowers from seed this year and they are just now blooming. This is how dumb I am about flowers – I had no idea what I’d grown and had thrown the seed packet away. Looking at your pictures tells me I grew pentunias!

  5. With myself, a teenage girl, and a preteen girl. EVERY TIME I try to vacuum, I have to spend several minutes pulling hair out of the roller thingy (technical term). I’ve found that a seam ripper works really well for this purpose. 🙂

    My husband put two beautiful pots of flowers (pansies? I can’t remember what they are) on my porch. They were beautiful until I forgot to water them. He asked why I haven’t watered them and I said, “I’m not good at plants!!” And he said, “All you have to do is water them!!” and I said, “See what I mean?!?!” So…yeah. I’m sure he wishes I was a little more like you in the garden department. 🙂

  6. Wanna hear something funny…… have my vaccuum! lol Yep we have the same vacuum! I’ve had mine about 3 years now… works great. I have heard that sunflowers do not like to be transplanted…. Just plant them where you want them. Hugs! deb

    • Wow, that’s good to hear that your vacuum has lasted three years! And I came to the same conclusion about the sunflowers, since I had such good luck planting two different varieties in the ground a couple of years ago. Next year, I’ll try that again.

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