What Does a Garden Cost?

I guess that’s the wrong question. Because you can spend as little or as much as you want on a garden. What did MY garden cost? I never kept track of it. I fooled myself by just spending a little at a time. Most of the time when I went to pick up rocks, the most my car could carry is one or two hundred dollars worth of rocks. And then the next time MLG came over, I would pay him to put those rocks in place. Or we would get a load of wood from Lowe’s and then he would build the planters in a couple of sessions. Sometimes he brought over free stuff, like the railroad ties, to use in the garden. Before I found MLG, I would stop at Home Depot on my way home from work, and get six or eight stones. And then put them in place myself. Those are still there! If I had hired a garden contractor, and gotten an estimate on the cost of all the work we have done, I don’t think I would ever have done it. But doing it bit by bit, the cost didn’t seem so bad.

Of course, the plants… plants are a good deal, if you ask me. Six dollars can bring a lot of enjoyment, and if you choose carefully, and take care of it just right, and all the stars align just so, that six dollar plant can bring you years of enjoyment!

These first two pictures are kind of what I see when I drive up to my house. I mostly can’t believe that I have such a wonderful garden.




And here’s the walk-around for this week. Here is the bee balm in its THIRD location. Here’s hoping it will be happy here.


This is one of those tiny roses that they sell in two inch pots. How about that–it lived!




I think I was going for a red, white, and blue theme here. But something ate the white marigolds. And I planted a pink plant in the back…


Oh. This is what I have to do to keep Noah from TRAMPLING these poor plants when he insists on chasing cars.


The new honeysuckle gets the gold star for growing the most in the first season!


Lobelia border.


Lace cap hydrangea.


New flower! I think a pincushion plant? Its supposed to be frost hardy. I really like it, and its a tall plant, which is what I needed.


All the oriental lilies are starting to bloom!


I planted a row of zinnias behind the carnation patch.


A view of the mostly sun bed. LOL. Hoses are everywhere and always out. I have nice carts to wind them on, but what’s the point? I will have to unwind them tomorrow.


The volunteer nasturtium. Its doing quite well this year.



And so ends the garden tour for this week. Noah says, won’t you come back again?



7 thoughts on “What Does a Garden Cost?

  1. Oh Debby, it’s so beautiful! This is what gardening is all about. Can you really put a price on that?
    I love that lacecap hydrangea!

    • Thanks, Lori! I just think about it sometimes, because its more than I ever set out to do–it just sort of happened organically. I love the lace cap too. It was one of those sad little bargain plants, bought many years ago, and then it suffered in my pots for years and just about gave up. And then it finally got planted in the ground. LOL, that’s one of those $6 plants where the stars aligned just right 🙂

  2. Oh my….this is such a beautiful garden. I love your stone walkways around the separate beds… They say it takes 5 years for a garden to really come alive….YOUR GARDEN IS NOW ALIVE!!!
    What is the “green” stuff you have planted beneath the stone wall where you have the red/white/pink thing going. Noah just adds to the beauty of your garden.
    I have told my kids I’d rather have a truck load of leafgro for my birthday/Christmas/mothers day than a dumb old dress….ha ha

    • That is hilarious about the truckload of leafgro for your present! The ground cover below the red petunias is scotch moss. It seems to be doing very well in various places in the garden. I used to like the irish moss better, and I have a lot of it, but it seems to be a bit finicky about location, water, etc.

  3. I really like how you layer everything, varying the height and making your garden look so lush and full. Like planting the row of zinnia behind the carnations – unexpected, but it works so well. It’s great to see spots of color, even if it’s just the bit of bright green among the stones. And how you paid for everything in dribs and drabs is a great idea – I couldn’t fathom paying for it all at once, but a hundred here and fifty there? I can usually manage that.

    P.S. Love your big watchdog – he looks so handsome with his fluffy white fur next to the green plants!

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