Morning in the Garden

This morning the light seemed just right in the garden. I headed out with the camera, and found a lot more to share than I thought was there! Picture-heavy post, but not too much reading, so just scroll through and enjoy!

The big bag of oriental lilies I got at Costco did very well for their first year.



A secondary flush of foxgloves. Most of the big plants died, so I bought a six-pack of mixed foxgloves to replace them (they are in the bed below behind these foxgloves.) They are growing very well, so I am excited to see what colors I got next spring.


Sophie cracks me up–she’s like a little kid walking along the wooden rails.


Each hydrangea has a different bloom time. The blue ones are fading just as these white ones are starting.



I bought some new plants to fill in empty spots. I loved the color of the leaves on this “Nine Bark.”


This is not light shining through, it is the actual variegated color on the leaves.


The double impatiens seems to be in just the right spot.


And I just love all these flowers blooming over here.



The zinnias that I got to fill in are really doing well.




LOL, I was taking so many pictures over here, Chloe just came and sat down and stared at me. “People are hungry, don’t you know?”


The Belinda rose is doing very well. the stems seem a little weak to me, but it is the first year. I’m just glad its still alive 🙂


A hollyhock I bought last spring.


The ____ Peace rose. I didn’t notice the bug damage when I was taking the picture!


The Abutilon. Have to stand on my head to take pictures of the blooms.


The Phlox are so tall and beautiful.


That little pink vine I got is doing very well.


I got some more white marigolds to fill in here.


The bee balm. Now its about 10 inches tall 🙂


And the little rose from the two inch pot. I’m so glad it likes its place right by the front gate.


Tiny perfection.


And on with the week. I have taken my ninth early morning walk–well on my way to 21 for an established habit–yay! Today is a day of running in and out to give the whole garden a good soaking. And, I am prepping ten yards of fabric–finally gonna get out there and use my new dye studio.




11 thoughts on “Morning in the Garden

  1. What a lovely trip through your garden! It makes me happy to see all of the lushness and color – and of course, the dogs scattered around. Sophie believes you made the elevated wood rails just for her to walk on…the Queen must have her special path, you know! And that is the cutest picture of Chloe!!! What a face – “come ON, lady – feed me!!” And the glimpse of Noah fluff is sweet…gee, maybe I like the dogs as much as the garden, ya think? 😉

    • Thanks! I need to do an all-doggie post pretty soon. LOL–yes, the Queen doesn’t really like her delicate paws to touch the earth. She also thinks I put the stones around the front door/doggie door just for her personal toilet (pronounced twa-lay.) :/

  2. I see you have much better luck with big box store lilies than I do LOL!

    I love your pink beebalm. Funny how yours is 10 inches and mine is 4 feet!

    Are those nasturiums you have? I know people eat the flowers and they are supposed to be really good.

  3. Yeah, I could tell that the Lily bulbs were healthy and a good size.

    They are nastertiums. I planted them several years ago, and I still get a volunteer or two. I found out since that they like cooler weather. So I am happy that this one is doing well.

  4. I can just imagine how fragrant your garden is in the morning. I enjoy seeing how your garden has taken shape. Chloe is such a pretty pug

  5. Your flowers and plants are so beautiful! I wish I had your green thumb but unfortunately I tend to kill plants. I would love to have something like this one day.

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