The Other Dog Days of Summer

Sophie pointed out to me that I had misrepresented the Dog Days of Summer. “imagine, if you will, the nerve of her doing a post and misabusing ourselves and then not even a mention of us, except in the most exculpatory and unflattering way possible.” (said in the high squeaky voice of a little dog who does like to put on airs.)

So here, then, is a photo essay on “the other dog days of summer.”

There’s something over there.


When Chloe is excited (which is a majority of the time) she has to grab her bone for a chew.



Whaaaat??? Don’t you know the sun is in my eyes?


There’s SOMETHING over there.


Sophie caught chewing on a plant that USED to have pink blossoms.


Really. There’s SOMETHING over there. Why don’t you believe me?


All four girls got a bath today. Doing my best to stave off the dog days of summer 🙂



9 thoughts on “The Other Dog Days of Summer

  1. Noah’s series of photos (and captions) cracked me up. He is such a good watchdog! And a cutie as well…I love the dark edges of his fluffy ears.

    Paco runs and grabs a bone when he’s excited, too.

    And dontcha know, PINK flowers taste the best??

    • Yes, Noah is a good watchdog. Last night he was watching my neighbors have a party into the wee hours… grrrrr…

      Sophie has been getting desperate lately, having to switch from pink to orange or red flowers this summer.

  2. Noah says, “I can’t believe you haven’t come here and looked yet!”.

    I always feel bad for really furry animals when it’s hot. Poor Pixie, I think about shaving her. I brush her every day, but she still leaves puffs of hair walking around in this heat. Not to mention the hair balls. Yuck.

    • That is exactly what Noah is trying to communicate with me. But its only my neighbors, who have lived there for Noah’s whole life. He is obsessed with their comings and goings.

      Dog’s hair actually acts as insulation from the heat in the summertime. So I’ve never shaved my dogs for the summer. But yeah. The never-ending shedding. I tell everyone I always wear black…with grayish hair embellishments.

  3. Noah…he’s still my favorite. The little girls are sweet, but I just really love Noah’s fur…plus I still remember his puppy pictures – cutest lil furball ever! 🙂

    • Noah is the best dog to hug. He just stands there, leaning against me, and I don’t even have to bend over to hug him 🙂

  4. Awww I can’t get enough of these kind of posts! Love it.

    I suggest also a dogs days of Autumn, Winter and Spring 🙂

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