Summer’s Bounty

This summer I am taking advantage of the wonderful fruits and vegetables that are available this time of year. I hope you are enjoying them as well!

A summer veggie bake–just tomatoes, zucchini, onions, and a bit of parmesan on top.


Blackberries so ripe and sweet, even I did not need to add sweetener 🙂


Green beans! Yes, I boil them, and add about a teaspoon of butter per serving. A very worthy addition.


Peaches have arrived!


And good tomatoes! I forgo the oil in a caprese salad–just the balsamic vinegar, some basil, and one ounce of fresh mozzarella. Costco came out with some little “singles” of the fresh mozzarella–just right for a single person like me!


Also frequently seen this summer: cantaloupe, with and without cottage cheese, watermelon, broccoli salad, taco salad, and blueberries–usually baked into something or other, or made into my blueberry apple compote–perfect with yogurt and a bit of granola.

Another new product I found was some uncooked corn tortillas–good directions on cooking them, and so delicious–only 60 calories!

Dinner tonight: Canteloupe and cottage cheese, and one of my favorite stir-fry combos: zucchini, fresh corn, and onions. And am I the last one in the world to discover that fresh grown onions taste SO MUCH BETTER than store bought onions???



Honestly, I can get on board with minimizing sugar, eliminating processed foods, increasing protein. But when I bite into a perfect piece of fruit, I CANNOT fathom giving that up for the rest of my life like some people do. I just don’t get it. If you just don’t like fruit, that I get. But if you are giving it up because it “makes you gain weight,” that I don’t get. Its one of God’s greatest gifts to us.

That said, I did see a very funny Jim Gaffigan riff on fruit “who likes fruit?” And I remembered how, when I was very overweight, I didn’t eat fruit, because I needed more room for cookies…….

5 thoughts on “Summer’s Bounty

  1. For years, summer fruit was the only fruit I’d eat, then the last couple of years I didn’t want any fruit. It was like I lost my taste for it. But this year, I seem to be wanting it again. I think the blueberries we’ve had have been some of the best I’ve tasted. Monday, I bought a giant canteloupe from a farm stand when we were visiting Long Island and I swear I could eat 3 cups at a time but I’ve been holding myself to about half that each day. By the way, I love canteloupe and cottage cheese together. It’s a taste from my childhood that I didn’t grow tired of.

    • It kinda makes me happy to hear that you are enjoying fruit again 🙂 If you can believe it, the only fruit I had in cottage cheese when I was a kid was that pre-packaged “pineapples and cottage cheese.” I don’t know why my mom never thought of adding our own fruit to cottage cheese!

  2. ANYTHING fresh grown tastes better than store bought!! I wish we had the time and inclination to grow our own stuff – I feel like we are missing out on a lot of good food!

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