In The Garden–What Season Is It?

My oldest laceleaf Japanese Maple thinks its fall. I think it got a little dry and so it decided it was time to change colors!


Is it spring? The rose bouquet in the oak tree fascinates me 🙂



There are at least six blooms up there!


It must be summer. All the annuals continue to thrive.




The white marigolds have finally started blooming in earnest. I put the short ones in too early this spring, and I think they did worse than if I had just been patient and put them in later.


I bought a new hibiscus a few weeks ago. Couldn’t resist, even though I know its not frost-hardy. Aren’t the blooms beautiful?


Beautiful, yes. But a bit too close to pink–Sophie was EXTREMELY interested.


Ha! A Sophie-proof container. Every morning she stops below the pot and stares wistfully up at the blooms. And then she goes and chomps down one of the little blooms on the Abutilon. Her look says “they’re not nearly as tasty, but they’ll do in a pinch.”



I am enjoying the garden and the cooler temps we are having. I hope you all take time to smell the roses along the way.

8 thoughts on “In The Garden–What Season Is It?

  1. I wish I lived in a Hibiscus zone where I could have them year ’round. I had one for two years – dragged it in through the winter but our house is just too small for that so I had to let it go. Every year I look at them wistfully. Yours is so pretty!

    It must make you happy to look out onto your property and see all those beautiful flowers.

    • You know, when I bought that Hibiscus, they had some HUGE ones they called ‘dinner plate hibiscus,’ and when I asked about them they said they should be frost hardy because they were native to the East Coast! Have you ever heard of them?

    • Helen – there are hardy hibiscus to zone 4, so you certainly can find some. I think it would have to be in the ground rather than a pot though.

  2. That blue pot is gorgeous! Do you leave that outside all year?

    I was surprised to see my columbine blooming. I guess they can rebloom, but I am just used to seeing them in the spring.

    • Do you mean do I leave the POT outdoors? Yes, I’ve had it for years. Do I leave the hibiscus outdoors? Well, yes, and then it dies in the winter. I just got it knowing it would be an annual.

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