A Little Adventure and Some More Flowers

You Guys!! Did we ever have an adventure around here yesterday. I was gone most of the day. So when I came home, I followed the same routine I always do–I come in through the studio door, find Noah’s bark collar, let him out of his crate, put the collar on, let Bess out of her crate, and then open the door to the mudroom. They both run out through the doggie door, and I follow through the human door. As soon as Noah got outside, he barked once (bark collar) and that’s not that unusual. As soon as I got out the door, I heard something that sounded like one of my pipes or hoses had sprung a big leak and was spraying water somewhere. So I turned my head in the direction of the sound…. and there, curled up in the corner of the house, RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOGGIE DOOR, was a HUGE rattlesnake. He was hissing and rattling, and that was the sound that I heard!!!

Here’s a picture of where he was, you can see how close he was to the doggie door.


So even though I was hyperventilating, I managed to get Noah to come to me, and picked Bess up, and took them carefully in the house. The snake never stopped hissing and rattling, but he didn’t move from his corner. I put the hard plastic thingie in the doggie door (just in case he decided to come inside) and got the dogs back in their crates, and called my neighbors (the best neighbors in the whole wide world,) and asked in a very shaky voice “is Tom there?” So Debbie sent him over. It seemed like it took forever for him to get here (they live about 1/2 mile away.) The whole time I was pacing around the house, and then peaking through the mud room window to make sure the snake didn’t move. That would have been even worse, not knowing where it was!

So….you can see the “scar” on the siding there. Just one shot, and it was over. I made myself spend time outside watering the garden so I wouldn’t get all paranoid about being outside. If I was a better blogger, I would have gone out and taken a long distance shot of the snake while I was waiting for Tom to get over here. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

And to end on a pleasant note–one last look at the rose bouquet in the oak tree.


And a close-up shot of one of the prettiest roses I’ve had this year…


I love these liriope so much. I have five of them and this is the only one that bloomed. I’ve done a little research, and I think I’ll just move all of them to a different location to see if I can make them happier next year.



The color and the substance of the blooms just fascinates me.


I hope you had a great weekend.


12 thoughts on “A Little Adventure and Some More Flowers

  1. Yikes! That is my nightmare! So glad the dogs weren’t bit! One less snake in the world is a very good thing in my opinion. I know some people wouldn’t agree!

  2. My adrenalin was really building up as I read this blog. I cannot imagine having a rattler that close to my house and even worse that it was so close to my furry friends. You are so lucky that no one was bitten. Now for your lovely roses, I love that the rose “climbed” up your tree. My roses are always so bare around the bottom of the bush. BTW….I am still feeling up tight about the poisonous snake……

  3. OMG OMG OMG. So glad humans and canines are fine!

    I would argue that *I* have the best neighbors in the whole wide world, but they have not been put to the rattlesnake test. The dishwasher erupting test and bleeding head tests they have passed with flying colors.

  4. Holy Crow! Good thing you didn’t just wander out there too close! Of course, it was warning everyone. Good thing they rattle. I imagine the dogs scared the bejeezus out of the snake as they zipped out there. Glad everyone is okay.

  5. Thanks all! I should have said that I think its a miracle that Noah especially didn’t get bit as he went out the doggie door. And that he did not go back for a closer look. And I guess I’m glad that the snake was giving a warning. Can you just imagine the scene if I had let the other three little girls out of their dog room, and had FIVE dogs to round up to safety?!

  6. I just had one too! Right outside my front door. I also have 2 small dogs, luckily they were in the house. I was carrying my big laundry basket out the door when I heard him. So loud! But I did not recognize the sound. When I saw him (huge) I backed up through the door, closed it, and decided I had enough clean clothes.
    The next morning my brother called a Rattlesnake rescue guy, but the critter was long gone. I’m not too far from you, in the Foothills, and this is their territory. I have a sign on my door warning me to be careful. I had walked right where he was only a few minutes before, taking the garbage out. Too many chores!

    • Oh my goodness–how scary!! Do you have any cats? When I first moved here, I heard that just having cats around kept the rattlesnakes away (the cats don’t “hunt” the snakes, the snakes just stay away.) Anyway, for many years, I had a LOT of cats around my house. But now they are all gone, and I am not in a position to adopt any right now.

      • No cats at the moment. You’d think the dog smell would keep them away. We saw baby rattlers earlier this year, but I’d never seen or heard one this big.

  7. Holy SCHNIKES!!! I guess you will forever know what that sound is!!! So glad this story had a good ending (well, except for the snake but hey, he didn’t belong there). That is just plain scary.

    And I’d be getting an outdoor cat, if that really does keep the rattlers away.

  8. OMG how scary! So glad your doggies and you are okay and weren’t attacked by it.
    I would have done the same as you, make sure the fur babies were okay and stay in the house and call someone.

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