Outside the Garden

Yesterday, Noah spent most of the day sleeping in the house. Very unusual for him (I later discovered it was because his beloved bed had been propped up against the house and was unavailable to him. oops.) Anyway, I guess since he wasn’t in the yard, some visitors felt more comfortable about helping out with some pruning activities.


After the first picture I remembered to move the camera away from the window cross-hatches.


There was a pair of twins.


And a really little baby.


Of course, now they had seen me, and were thinking about their next move.


“But dang, that stuff tasted good!”


The littlest fawn was a really pale color. Later I figured out that her mother was also a paler color.


One of the older fawns.


And now I’ve gone out the door, and they are  seriously saying their goodbyes.



They split up, and the mom with two fawns went in one direction, while the mom with the pale fawn went in the opposite direction.



Of course, I don’t want them to eat all my plants (thus the deer fencing.) But I sure do enjoy seeing them close up once in a while, especially the babies.

In other news, I completely forgot to blog about my visit with Shelley!! It has been so great that we have this California/Texas connection, and that we have gotten to visit in person occasionally. I grew up in the Bay Area, and so driving “over the hill” to Santa Cruz was something we did quite often. It brings back great memories when I go down to visit Shelley in Santa Cruz, and now we are creating memories of our own, with our visits to Pacific Grove and fun eating and knitting and talking together. Shelley wrote all about our visit, complete with some pictures–visit her blog for the whole story!


4 thoughts on “Outside the Garden

  1. It was like the moms took their kiddos out on a little playdate, complete with stopping in for a snack! I love seeing deer up close like that; not so much love for them eating your plants, but hey, once in a great while would be ok, I guess.

    Going “over the hill” – such a Bay Area term. Those who know, know exactly what it means. Glad you went over the hill for me once more. 🙂

  2. An unexpected garden adventure. I Love to see the wildlife we share “our” world with. It’s great that you and Shelley have such a close bond. Lucky ladies.

  3. How lucky to see that so close! We have a lot of deer around here, but not in my neighborhood. Thank goodness. I have enough trouble with the rabbits and the squirrels eating my stuff.

    I hope we can meet up some day!

  4. Wow, how special. The babies are so lovely.
    I have only seen deers in a distance because having a dog with you doesn’t help 🙂

    I just read Shelley’s blog about your meet up, so much fun that you are able to see each other every now and then.

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