A Little Garden News

I came home from my weekend trip last week to find this perfect rose waiting for me! This is the Everlasting Peace rose. It has a beautiful form and a wonderful fragrance. Plus, its my favorite color of pink 🙂


I bought quite a few pansies and a few other plants to fill some spots in the garden. Its supposed to be the best time to plant pansies and snapdragons for strong spring blooms. This corner bed was a mess. The creeping jenny and the never-ending violets had invaded, plus its mostly shady, plus Noah still loves to run down here and bark at cars going by. So I worked on it for quite a while, and planted the pansies, and a new heuchera in there. And then I made my little prison for it, hopefully to remind Noah that I really don’t want him in there.  After looking at this picture, I decided I need one more heuchera to round it out. Oh, and then couple of days after I did all this work, I came out to find that I had planted some of the pansies a little too close to the fence–the deer had come and completely uprooted a few of them 😦


This is one of the hydrangea. I didn’t prune it yet, and the flowers have turned a lovely shade of dusty pink. Nice!


Okay. This next picture is proof that I have turned into an old lady. All week I was cleaning and prepping the house for a couple of ladies that I had invited to lunch. The last thing I did was go and pick a few little flowers for a table bouquet. When the agreed-upon arrival time came and went, I decided to give them a call. Sometimes people have a hard time finding my house. “Hello T., are you coming today?” “I thought we agreed on October 7.” oh…..yes, we did. I had even been looking at my calendar during the week to make sure I had everything right…. Well, I enjoyed my nice clean house and the bouquet anyways!


The foxgloves that I have been diligently watering over the long hot summer so that I would have new blooms next spring decided to give me an early show! So excited to see the  pink shaded one!


And, it took a LONG time, but look what finally bloomed the last week of September? The cleome that Lori sent me and that I started from seeds. One lone plant, but if Lori is right, it will re-seed itself, and maybe I’ll have a few more next year.



I have more plants to get into the ground this week, and ummm, quite a few bulbs to find places for. Damn that Costco! 🙂


7 thoughts on “A Little Garden News

  1. All those seeds and one cleome LOL. I’m still getting popup seedlings from what I planted last year!

    I love the foxgloves. Mine are blooming again. I am curious to see how they over winter. I am cutting the seed heads and letting them fall to the ground in hopes of getting a bigger crop of them next year.

    • From my original foxgloves, I had a lot of seedlings. I threw the seed heads over the fence because I didn’t want the dogs chewing on them–think they’re toxic. So most of these are the new ones from the six pack I bought this spring.

  2. Cracking up at the flower prison…I was just thinking that we’re lucky we don’t have to do that, but then I remembered our dang armadillos that like to dig up the bedding soil and plants!

    • Yesterday, I planted another heuchera in there (which was difficult, because of the prison.) And then later in the day I noticed a HUGE hole in there. I guess one of the little dogs went through the prison fence and needed to dig a big hole? I don’t know why. It seems like that corner of the yard is doomed! Anyway, I fixed the hole, and I even bought a few more pansies to replace the ones the deer killed. I haven’t given up yet 🙂

  3. Flowers are on point! I picked up crocus ( in so cal but remind me of early spring in Indiana) and some hyacinths (smell good) at Lowes the other day. My Freesias are starting to poke through.

    Enjoy your garden.

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