Fall in the Garden

Sunday I took a stroll around the garden. It was a lovely day, sunny and bright. And I noticed that there were still a few flowers worth sharing. The bees were extra busy, really working the blooms, and didn’t seem to be distracted by my standing close and trying to get some good shots. Sometimes the close-up lens on my camera gets fussy, so I sat down on the wood railing to try to get the pictures. And then I stayed there for quite a while, enjoying the sun and the dogs’ company.

This is where the bee started. I just couldn’t get my camera to focus before he flew off. dscn4631

Then I noticed this huge bumblebee on the marigold!


And another bee here. This plant has not done well this summer. I am hoping it will winter over and be pretty in the spring.I have two of these blue ones, and a white one as well.


A few plants seem to really be enjoying the cooler weather. This is a begonia.


And the double impatiens, although leggy, are really putting out some pretty blooms.



The abutilons seem especially happy with the cooler temperatures:




Earlier in the week I did some work on my ground covers! I replaced some of the plants in my “patchwork path” with this fetus grass.


And more elfin thyme to spread in the spaces between the stones.


Most of the petunias are pretty ragged, but the red ones are going strong.



And the camellia is blooming early. It usually doesn’t bloom until November!


And that’s the garden report for now. I am still learning about gardening. Putting plants in the ground at the right time is a good thing. I have planted snapdragons, salvia, and of course pansies. And the ground covers, and then I got some delphiniums–very excited to see if fall planting will be more successful with those! I ordered some bulbs and a peony (squee!!!!) from John Scheepers (thanks, Lori!) and am so excited to see those in the spring. Tomorrow I’ll share my doggie time in the garden with you.



8 thoughts on “Fall in the Garden

  1. It’s nice that you got out and just enjoyed your garden – you put so much work into it; sometimes it’s just good to sit down and revel in the beauty. Love all the close ups of the flowers…nature sure puts some pretty color palettes together!

  2. Every flower is so beautiful, but I especially love that camelia. I think it’s always this time of year I’m envious that your flowers are still going strong while we’re going brown and blah.

    • I like the camellia too–I especially like that its usually blooming in late November, when the rest of the garden is dormant. LOL, I have plenty of brown and blah spots–just didn’t take pictures of those 🙂

  3. Do you ever print out your photos and hang them on the wall? Because you always have some really great photos – maybe you could dedicate one wall to your flower photography? Because I know you need ANOTHER thing to keep up with!! 🙂

    • I did get a neat frame–its like a cluster of 7 frames, and I printed out 8X10’s of my favorite photos and hung it in the kitchen. #GMTA 🙂

  4. You still have so many great flowers going! I think all but the mums will be toast around here as we might get some snow tomorrow – can you believe it??

  5. Love the abutilons. Re the button flower overwintering….here in MD I have to apply extra mulch around the base to get them thru the winter. Love seeing your flowers. The colors in the first photo are spectacular. mickie

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