The Trouble with Dogs


All the girls enjoy exploring the “jungle.” This is Bess.

The trouble with dogs is that they just don’t live long enough, right? If they weren’t so dang perfect and loving it wouldn’t be so hard.


Sophie likes to walk the wooden rails.



But mostly she just likes to sit next to me.

But I want to talk about the OTHER trouble with dogs, especially rescue dogs. Basically its a crap-shoot, trying to figure out what’s gone on in their former lives. Sometimes you know a little bit of information. Several of my dogs have been formerly owned by older people who could no longer care for them. I really like giving these little dogs a second chance. If they were owned by a “grandmother” sometimes they are very socialized, which is good, since once they get to my house there’s not much socialization opportunity. Other times, like Sophie, I don’t think they ever saw another person. She is still very shy when people come over. Sometimes, like Zoey, they weren’t very housebroken. She was a grandmother’s dog, and then the grandkids decided they didn’t want her any more. I know why :/  Luckily, I have a doggie door, and Zoey has embraced the concept of the doggie door fully 🙂


Zoey enjoying the sun.


Now sometimes you don’t know a thing about the dog, like Bess, who along with a male Pug, was just dumped out in the country. But sometimes you get little hints that you don’t pick up on. When I was there to get Bess, the shelter people were explaining to the other couple that was interested in her that it would probably be best to separate her from the male pug, because she tended to “boss” him around a little. Well, I didn’t pick up on that. Bess is VERY bossy. And opinionated. She and Sophie sorted out their differences a while ago, and manage to co-exist peacefully. But then Bess decided that Chloe (young Pug’s) energy level was way too high. While I agree with Bess on the energy level, starting a fight is not how I would choose to address the problem. Chloe took her corrections for a while, and then she decided to start fighting back. We are still working on this problem. Honestly, the only thing that saves them is a typo Shelley made one day, writing “I didn’t know Pugs were so viscous!” Now I laugh about my viscous pugs. But it is tiring to always be breaking up fights. And being a “bully” breed, once they start, it is very hard for them to stop.


Bess keeping track of Sophie and Chloe.

Oh, and now we come to the unknown in Chloe’s personality. If you recall (haha, I know you don’t) Chloe was listed on a shelter’s website, and then when I inquired about her, she wasn’t “ready” for adoption. Months later, I was contacted by the foster mother, and Chloe was now available for adoption. My theory is that this foster mother actually wanted to keep Chloe (she gave me a ton of toys and clothes when I picked up Chloe.) But Chloe was raised with NO LIMITS whatsoever, and I think it was just too much for this young mother. Chloe has a lot of energy, and she howls and barks to “direct” you to do what she wants. So we’re working on learning normal acceptable doggie behavior. Of course, taking her for walks helps with that excess energy.


Chloe can be calm too 🙂


But buying a puppy can be just as much of a crap-shoot as the rescue dogs. Do you remember the story of my going to get Noah? He was the puppy they pictured in the newspaper ad because he was so pretty. Well, I got there, and the people were hosing the patio off. His sisters were milling about, but I didn’t see him, and I asked, “where is the white puppy?” Oh, he’s hiding–he’s afraid of the water. HINT!!!! Noah is a genetically anxious and fearful dog. He acts all brave, and barks at things, but I know that inside he is worried. He is seven years old now, and with a LOT of training and socialization, he is so improved. But I still hear the underlying panic in his voice sometimes.


Noah keeps a close eye on the next door neighbors.



And when he is satisfied that those neighbors are behaving, he goes and checks out the neighbors in the other direction 🙂

Well, all this sounds like a lot of complaining, but really its not. I totally love having dogs. I love each of these little people, and enjoy their company. It was my dream as a child to have a lot of dogs, and I guess I’m living the dream. I just wanted to talk about these things–maybe it’ll help another person thinking about getting a dog.


Sophie checking out the pink flowers. Although these have been plentiful all year, they don’t seem to meet her taste expectations.

Oh oh oh! Gotta add this blast from the past–ran across it in my archives yesterday–


This is me at age 30, at my lowest weight ever, surrounded by all my dogs!


12 thoughts on “The Trouble with Dogs

  1. Love this post! What a wonderfully loving dog owner you are! I just love seeing all of your dogs and especially the last picture!!

  2. It’s really interesting to read your insight into the dogs. I wish I had that 10 years ago when I was looking at getting another dog – while Paco has been a good one, there are some traits of his that have been a challenge to adapt to (and yes, we adapted to them, not the other way around, LOL). I think he and Noah have a lot in common.

    I think of dachshunds as “wedge” dogs – they just want to wedge themselves next to you. Think there’s not enough room in that armchair for both you and a dachshund? Think again! They will make it work. I love how Sophie is your magnet.

    As for those viscous pugs (snort), it’s funny how close “Boss” is to “Bess” – and it’s like you have the oldest child paired with the carefree youngest – there’s bound to be animosity, but it’s good that they can get along at times.

    Zooey looks like a happy mop, just enjoying the sunshine. Sweet pets, all of them!

    • Sophie does love the wedge! I had never thought of that. But that is our tradition. She gets my lap after dinner, but its not actually my lap, its wedged between me and the arm of the chair! Zoey is a happy mop. Her nickname is “little fuzz.” Because of course, Noah is “big fuzz.”

  3. Noah is 7????? Good gravy, I remember when you got him. Hard to believe it’s been that long. And I LOOOOOVE that throwback picture of you!! At first, I thought maybe that was Oliver in there with you, but that couldn’t have been him, right? Anyway, great picture!! ❤

    • I know. Its hard for me to believe he’s that old! No, that’s not Oliver. I think his name was Yancy. I didn’t name him, and I don’t know where that name came from.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your insight to your dogs. I kept thinking, “Dogs, just like children!” What I find interesting about you – and your throwback photo confirms it – you are not a dog snob, only wanting and owning 1 breed. Variety it the spice of your life!

    All of your doggie family is so blessed to have you as their caretaker and mom Debby.

    • LOL, I’m definitely not a doggie snob–when I talked about wanting a lot of dogs as a kid, I had a list of 25 breeds I was going to own 🙂

  5. I can’t believe you have had Noah 7 years! I just can’t believe it.

    This is why I’m a cat person LOL! All my rescue kitties have had some issue or another, but like you said, they are “people” with their own way of doing things. Pixie is such a snuggler and lover to John and I, but she hates other people. I don’t know what happened to her when she was little (she came to us about 6 months old, pregnant and full of ticks/fleas), but she is not tolerant of other people or other cats.

  6. I love this post! And I love how much you care for your sweeties and aren’t afraid to take a rescue dog in your house. You know their character very well!

    Our first dog together, Roussy, we got when she was 5. She was used to breed with and was no longer useful for that and we could take her home. Well she turned out to be a very scary dog and we never know what happened to her. She was always walking behind me, she didn’t want to play but besides that she was the sweetest dog you could wish for. I loved her so much.

    After her we decided to get a puppy because we could raise her ourselves. Well turns out that Bella has a personality of her own and like Shelley we adapted to her and not the other way. But I love her so much, she makes us laugh and loves us both so much.

  7. I enjoyed reading about your dogs Debby. I am a big dog lover, most I had at a time is 3. Now I have 2, always rescues. My two now came with their own personality quirks and I always wondered what they had been through in their former life to have certain behaviors. But I love them just the same.

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