Late to the Party

I know I’m the last person in America to discover the joys of potstickers! Before, they just seemed like a pain in the butt to prepare–trying to heat pasta in a pan with some oil, and they always STUCK TO THE POT. And then I discovered the toaster oven. I put them on a piece of foil sprayed with Pam and Bam! They cook up with just a bit of crispiness and not only do they NOT stick, they tend to slide around on their little aluminum foil sheet pan. Weird, but it works so well.

But I need to back up. I discovered these potstickers through Biz’s recipe recommendation for won ton soup. I love that soup. And then I got the giant economy bag of the mini potstickers at Costco, and I thought I might like to eat them without the soup. After all, they are only 100 calories for eight of them!! And THEN, I found the recipe for dipping sauce on the bag, and I adjusted it for my own purposes. And I had the makings for a quick and easy and very low calorie dinner, just like that.

Here’s what I had for dinner the day after Thanksgiving. The shrimp are good dipped in the sauce too!


7 thoughts on “Late to the Party

  1. This cracks me up because in August I got suckered in to buying two bags of potstickers at our local warehouse store. Until 2 weeks ago they just sat in the freezer because, like you said, they seemed like so much trouble. When I finally decided to make them it was because I was looking for a side for some asian chicken wings I was making. They ended up being perfect! Now, let’s see how long it is before I make them again…

    • Those darn warehouse stores! I recently got suckered into buying THREE packages of flatbreads. They were tasty, but I didn’t need three packages!

  2. Well if you’re late to the party, then I wasn’t even invited. Never done potstickers – but now you have me wishing I had a toaster oven. I keep thinking I’d like to get one – I think it would be great for the kids to use instead of the big oven. What kind do you have?

    • GET YOURSELF A TOASTER OVEN FOR CHRISTMAS!! I can’t live without mine 🙂 I have a Farberware that I got at Walmart. I never get the most expensive ones, because I just need it for re-heating frozen things usually.

  3. Well, I guess I’m the last person now. I haven’t ever bought these, I don’t think? I might need to try to find them.

    • I think you’d like them. I’ve only bought these mini chicken cilantro ones. Well, one time I bought a different kind at my regular grocery store, and I didn’t like them very much.

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