From the Garden

While checking out the garden before another predicted rainstorm, I found three incredible rose blooms. I decided to cut them down and bring them in to enjoy for a bit.

Look how well they match my bathroom! I love that color of pink 🙂


And even 4 days later I was still enjoying their beauty.


And one more note about the garden. I was so looking forward to a good year of fall color from the Japanese maples. Unfortunately, the warmer fall that we had (that gave me wonderful roses the last week of November) was not so good for the maples. They just didn’t get that cold shock that they need to turn colors. So I am enjoying bits and pieces of fall color, but so far, none spectacular enough to share on the blog.


6 thoughts on “From the Garden

  1. My knockout rose has continued to bloom and still has blossoms on it. I keep waiting for the cold snap that’s going to take it out, but can’t complain that it was almost 60 here yesterday and the first day of December!

    If I was single, I would be in danger of having an overload of pink in my house and decorations.

  2. The roses are so perfect they look unreal. Thanks for sharing. Already looking forward to spring now that the leaves have gone from the trees here in Maryland. Of course the snow will look beautiful on all the shrubs and tree branches…..but still, COME ON SPRING.

  3. Those roses are gorgeous! I’m jealous you still have blooms. We are pretty much done here with all the frost and freezes. I have buds on my Fair Bianca, but they are sort of frozen in time LOL

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