Happy Days

It was my birthday weekend! Yes, that’s right, weekend, not week. Two days is more than enough celebrating at this time of year. My real birthday was on Sunday, and since I started a new tradition 3 years ago of SWIMMING on my birthday, I planned to do that on Saturday. So off to the gym I went Saturday afternoon. I spent 45 minutes (10 miles) on the stationary bike (the amount of time I spend on the bike is directly related to how interested I am in the TV show I’m watching :/ ) So when I finally got out to the pool, it was smooth as glass! Yes, I had the whole pool to myself for my birthday. The water is actually nice and warm, but if there is any breeze, your head and shoulders are quite chilly. Still, I spent 20 minutes running back and forth. I decided to not swim, because I didn’t want to get my hair wet. I was going to Starbuck’s afterwards for my free frappuccino!

Sunday I had all planned out. I have started attending a church in Folsom every other Sunday–they are the church that encourages artists and they have displayed my quilts in their gallery twice now. I really enjoy this church–it feeds my soul, and fills me with thoughts of God for the week ahead. So I headed out to Folsom bright and early, so I could stop at the bakery on the way and get myself a sticky bun and a good cup of coffee for the drive. Yummmmmmm.

I had decided ahead of time that I wanted to get myself a nice pair of pajamas for my birthday. I usually have good luck finding pajamas and nightgowns at the thrift store, but I haven’t had some nice cozy pj’s for a while. So after the church service, I checked out Ross and Marshall’s, but ended up at Steinmart and got the perfect pair–pink of course, with a gray and pink rose print. And the tag claimed they were “cloud soft.” Perfect!

I saw that they had a Nordstrom Rack there, and decided to check that out. I had quite the little adventure there. I pulled forward into a parking space next to a man in a van that was full of stuff. The man did not look very friendly… and before I got out of my car, another younger man came running out of the store, hopped in the passenger seat and slouched down, while the driver tried to pull forward but hit a parking bump so he had to back out of the spot. This all seemed highly suspicious, so I tried to memorize part of the license plate, and the next thing I saw was the mall security car with its flashing lights on, doing what seemed to me to be a slow speed chase. And then the funniest thing happened–you know how sometimes its hard to find the mall exit? Yeah, that van had to turn around and find a different way to get out of the mall. Well, I don’t really know how that ended, but I went in the store to give them the partial license plate, and there was already another man there showing them something on his cell phone, so I decided they didn’t need anything from me. End of story 🙂

I looked around the Rack for just a minute–too crowded and messy. But I did find a pair of diamond earrings to replace the ones I had lost. LOL. Cubic zirconias. They are plenty sparkly for me.

I had lunch at my favorite Chipotle Grill (same thing every time–the carnitas salad,) and the first girl asked how my day was going, and I blurted out, “oh perfect. Its my birthday and this is my favorite place to eat.” So I went on down the line and the other servers said happy birthday, and I paid with my card and went to the table. And then I looked at my ticket, and they hadn’t charged me for my meal! What a nice surprise.

I ended the day with my free Pinkberry froyo–gotta love those cards where they just load the free birthday treat onto it. And I was on my way home, where I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in my big chair, taking turns holding each little girl on my lap.

In case y’all are  wondering, this is a special birthday–I turned 62 this year. SOCIAL SECURITY, baby!! It doesn’t start until February, but I have been looking forward to this since I retired five years ago!


14 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. Happy Birthday a day late….This soundslike the perfect way to celebrate. Love the idea of new PJ’s and your favorite foods–already picked out–and ending up in your favorite chair with your furry loves. The church in Folsom sounds like a great place to worship and to be so inspired. HUGS FOR YOU ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. mickie

    • Its something on WordPress, probably under the blog settings or appearance. I checked it once, and it always starts December 1 automatically.

  2. I love that you did exactly what you wanted for your birthday celebration (and nice going, Chipotle, for that unexpected free meal!). New jammies and time spent with your pups sounds just about perfect…and I’m celebrating for you with hitting that magical Social Security number, woohoo!!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Debby! Sounds like a perfect day! May God richly bless you in the coming year, abundantly and running over!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBS!!!! Your day sounds like the perfect way to spend a birthday (minus the almost-getting-caught-up-in-a-theft/chase)! Birthday pjs are the best. 🙂 And YAY for Social Security!! Get it Girl!

  5. I just loved everything about this post. What a wonderful day and it made me smile to see that you did all the things you love!

    My husband is retiring next year because he’ll be 62 and has decided he wants his social security now as well. I didn’t realize it took several months after you turn to actually start getting it. I’ll have to let him know that!

  6. Congratulations on getting Social Security! I turned 62 in October and my first check comes in 2 weeks!! So exciting! I’ve been working since I was a teenager and spent most of my adult life working two jobs. Just a heads up website says to apply 3 months before you turn 62.

    • Yes, I was going to mention that! I actually tried to apply six months ahead of time! So I marked it on my calendar, and applied in September. I’m all set! Congrats on getting your S.S. after working so hard!

  7. Debby, I enjoy reading your post. Happy Birthday and congratulations on getting SS. I started it a few years ago and it has helped make my life very comfortable.

  8. I as so glad you enjoy your alone-ness time. Although you also do several social things, I like how you are content at home, that is me too. Congrats on the SS, I started taking mine last year, at 62.

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