Here and There

First of all, thank you so much for all of the encouraging comments on my last post. Each success story builds my confidence and erodes some of my trepidation for my knee surgery. I do have a plan now. I am going to keep my schedule open in March and April, hoping that there will be a cancellation so that I can get in then. Otherwise, I will wait till the end of July so that I can get my chicks raised to a safe age.

After visiting one “rehab” center, which was nothing more than a nursing home (depressing) I formulated a plan to come straight home and recuperate. I would have to pay a co-pay for the nursing home, and I thought to myself, I bet my “babysitter” (takes care of the little girls when I travel) would be very willing to be on call for me for a couple of weeks. Yes, she’s very willing to do that for me. In addition, I talked to my BF, who is going to come down from Oregon to take care of me the first week. I know me, and I know I will recover much better at home than in a hospital setting. I am very exercise-motivated.

Speaking of exercise motivated… I never shared my “Christmas presents to me.” I needed new walking shoes. I looked and looked and tried on quite a few shoes. But none felt as good as the shoes I already had–Saucony Kinvara and Asics Gel Nimbus. Both are very expensive. And of course, a close second to comfort was the COLOR of the shoes. I started searching eBay. With some good tips from my brother, and knowing from Shelley that running stores sometimes take returns on barely used shoes, I got some great bargains. First, I got these Asics Gel Nimbus at less than half the price of new:


I liked them so much that I decided I could afford to get a second pair, this time the Saucony Kinvara. I have an excuse for needing two pairs of running shoes. One of them is mostly for walking on my dirt road. And the second is just for going to the gym–no need to track my dirt into the gym 🙂 That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!


Here are pics from a couple of recent trips:

I went to Anaheim for our now-annual rug hooking retreat. My best rug hooking friend now lives in Austin, so we both flew in. Of course, this year we landed smack dab in the middle of one of the biggest rain storms in Southern California history! We drove around all day Sunday in pouring rain. We were both pleasantly surprised at how slowly the So. Ca. drivers were driving on the freeways!

Monday we took our annual trip to Crystal Cove.


There was just enough of a break in the storm to give it a try. It was windy and cold, and there was some rain. But we enjoyed our shared breakfast of beignets and chilaquiles. And then I sat on Bette Midler’s porch and watched (Crystal Cove is where they shot part of the movie Beaches.)


While Mary Lynn explored the beach.



And here’s the real reason we went to Anaheim–rug hooking!


I had a hair-brained idea that if I went to a chicken show, maybe I could find some chicken breeders that I could buy my chicks from earlier than the May 22 date that the hatchery had given me. No such luck–its just like dog shows. I think it would cost me a fortune to buy chicks that way. But here are some fun pictures of some of the breeds of chickens I plan to get:



Blue Cochin:


Buff Orpington:


And some funky little roosters (that I am NOT getting)



And now I am home for a bit. Do you all know about the RAIN we’ve been getting out here? Its pretty crazy. After four straight days of rain, I took the dogs for a walk, and wondered, where’s that sound of running water coming from? Well, it was just a rivulet of rain running straight down the middle of our dirt/gravel road. A neighbor stopped to tell me we had gotten 10 inches of rain in four days. I live in the mountains, so am nowhere near the evacuations that are happening. But there are a lot of mudslides along the roads. We’re having a nice sunny break right now, but this weekend another big storm is expected! Hope you all are staying safe and dry!

8 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. Debby, is that a rug hooking store in Anaheim? I love all the stacked wool. Holy cow, that makes my heart beat faster. I need to learn his w to do that. I love Crystal Cove! We live a bit closer but only get there once or twice a year as well. Such a special place!

    • That is Gene Shepherd’s studio! He has a website, and I believe he has some free how-to videos on you tube. If you live in the area, he hosts hooking days several times a month–he enjoys getting people started.

  2. My mom did her rehab at home too – I don’t think she would have done as well in a nursing home, she likes to be in her own space! Good for you for making a plan that is best for you. And I’m so glad your BF will be there to help!!

    I had no idea chickens could be so fancy!! Lol!

  3. I bet you’ll rehab better at home – you’ll get to sleep, you’ll get to sleep in your own bed, and I know you – you will be diligent about doing your exercise. Your plan sounds great and I’m so happy that you’ve got it worked out…now just to see when you’ll get your bionic knee!

    I’ve been thinking about you with all the rain and mudslides – so many roads have been washed out in Santa Cruz and the surrounding area that living on a mountain can be challenging. Glad you are OK. I hope the Oroville Dam/spillway holds…that is quite a scary situation right now.

    Love your hooking. And your – er, chickens. For a moment there I forgot I wasn’t talking with my running club peeps and almost went THERE. 😉

  4. I encourage the purchase of more than one pair of shoes – I have one for running and one for other kinds of exercise as well!

    I hope you get that cancellation you want and I’m sure you’ll do fine at home. My friend who had that surgery also rehabbed at home and she was so determined to get better, the visiting PT stopped coming every day because she was faithfully doing the exercises on her own!

    I have several internet friends who live in that rainy area of CA and it sounds terrible. I guess moderation in everything is important, right? I hope you all stay safe.

  5. I’m like you – rehab at home. If you are an introvert that’s really easier on the psyche.

    Can you show a picture of that owl hooked rug when it’s done? It looks like it will be beautiful!

    • You picked up on part of the problem. I just knew with those tiny crowded rooms and narrow hallways that I would NOT be motivated to get up and walk.

      Yes, I’m pretty excited about my owl. I”ve been working on the background quite a bit since I got home. Its slow going, but I’m making good progress.

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