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Another issue of the Nutrition Action Healthletter arrived. And I discovered that I am just like those darn scientists–I have theories, and I love it when other people agree with me!

So. I have pondered forever and a day about why we as a nation eat too much and so many of us fall into the obese category. I just can’t get on board with those who vilify certain food groups. Having been in the countries where they can ONLY eat grains, that can’t be the problem. And I had come up with a theory–it had to be the ABUNDANCE of food available in our country.

One of the things I’ve thought about lately is that ITS STILL THERE. Here’s what I mean. You can convince yourself that sugar is the devil. You can abstain from sugar, and you can even get to the point where “sugar is too sweet.” (I did this and thought this on a diet in my late 20’s.) Guess what? Thirty years later, sugar is still there. And it still calls to me.

Related to my abundance theory:  In my last diet attempt where I lost 25 pounds in a year, I noticed that limiting the amount of food I keep in my house helped me to limit what I ate.

So, last week the Healthletter arrived with a large review of many dieting trials,   concluding that no one method of diet restriction or food group elimination worked very well. Their theory at the end was the extreme availability of food in the marketplace seemed to be the main cause of obesity in the world today. I loved that they agreed with my theory of abundance. Now, their emphasis was on the availability of highly palatable processed foods–you know, that fat/salt/sugar combo. But I say that its just the extreme abundance of all foods. I am living proof that you can overeat really healthy foods.

This morning I looked in the fridge. I have a lot of fruit right now. And I get a feeling of pressure that I need to eat that stuff before it goes bad. I have a lot of lettuce. Ha! I can hear you all thinking, “she’s gone off the deep end. You can’t gain weight from lettuce.” No, but you can gain weight if the way you want to eat it is with a lot of higher calorie tasty mix-ins and some really great salad dressing.

I don’t really have a solution for this problem, except to think about what you need vs. what you want when you go to the grocery store. You don’t have to get ALL THE FRUIT on this trip. It’ll still be there next week when you go back to the store.

10 thoughts on “More Scientific Stuff

  1. Sounds like that newsletter was the voice of reason. I’m currently watching a friend (via FB) go back on the Keto way of eating, and yes, she’s losing weight. Just like last time, and the time before that. But eventually, she goes back to eating non-Keto foods, because it’s really challenging to eliminate certain food groups from your life FOREVER. And she gains the weight back, but I more suspect abundance rather than non-Keto as the culprit. It’s hard, it really is, to lose weight and keep it off while enjoying all that our world has to offer.

    I wish I lived in a place where I could easily walk to the market and buy whatever fresh fruits and veggies look appealing to me that day, and go back the next day for more. It’s the whole “drive to the grocery store, fill up your cart” mentality that contributes to the abundance of food, for sure. Although I do use the little cart now – I mean, I’m only shopping for 1 or 2 people, how much food do I really need?

    • The little cart is a great strategy!

      You used a word that is important, and that I didn’t include in this post–ENJOYING. That is a good part of our wonderful American life. There is nothing wrong with enjoying truly delicious food! Sometimes I forget that in the midst of my anxious moments.

  2. I know for me, the grains both increase my joint pain and inflammation. Probably something for being post Auto-Immune disease. My lactose intolerance gene kicked up post pregnancy. I don’t thing those “scientists” want me to be obese, in massive pain, or have cystic acne (all dairy).

    I hope every one approaches any discussion with an n=1 in mind. If grains didn’t cause my FTO diabetes and obesity to express, then I’d be all for it. Glucose meter > science news letter. Onward.

    For those of us who HAVE to eliminate, it’s not bad, it’s a literal life saver. Onward with a glucose meter and an open mind. My 23nMe report has been also > than any book, article, or study!

    • I don’t think Debbie’s talking about eliminating foods for health reasons as being bad, I think she’s referring to those people who eliminate them for weight loss only. You have a legitimate reason for eliminating grains and dairy – your body doesn’t like them so that’s great that you recognize that, but if someone doesn’t have those issues, is it really necessary to totally eliminate those foods? I don’t think so. I think every person has to decide for themselves what works for their own bodies.

  3. That’s why there is no one diet for everyone. Some people do well on LC and can stick with it, some do well with high protein, some do well balanced. It’s a matter of finding something that gives you success that you can stick with. We are just too focused on results now and not results 6 months from now.

    • Exactly. Twice in one day nutritionists and trainers have used the word sustainable–however and whatever you choose to eat, it has to work for the long run.

  4. I’m living proof that not only can you overeat healthy foods, you can’t out exercise overeating. (Talking pre-thyroid issues). Balance, balance, balance. It’s all a balance, though at times I feel like I’m balancing on a high wire which is harder than normal balancing.

  5. Shopping is honestly probably the hardest part of losing weight for me. Either I don’t buy the things I need (because I get overwhelmed and/or I’m not sure what I should buy) or I buy too much of the wrong kind of thing (buying the same old stuff I always buy). I like shopping at places like Aldi because it’s a smaller store and there are only so many options as opposed to a Wal Mart Super Center where there is a bigger selection. (I try to avoid Walmart because they have such terrible customer service, but sometimes it’s unavoidable).

  6. I have been exploring portion control-y options lately. I am doing the no sweets, snacks, or seconds route (The NoS Diet) and I notice that many of my erg feelings have gone away. So I wonder if it was just overindulgence or permasnacking versus any particular food. I notice that when I relax my boundaries on the weekends, a whole universe of treat foods intrudes on my consciousness, and i have to kind of blur my focus and tell myself I can try x this weekend and y next. None of it’s going away, as you point out.

    Love your garden pictures! So jealous of the chicken coop!

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