Garden Report

The cherry tree! I remembered how, when I worked, I would take a walk on my lunch break, and go and stand underneath these two beautiful cherry trees. Those two trees were the inspiration for me to buy this tree. So I went out and stood under my cherry tree and tried to get some good shots. This is a flowering cherry (no fruit) and the blossoms are huge and fluffy. And pink 🙂



I got a better picture of the fringed tulip. These were spectacular. I will be getting more tulips and daffodils from that John Scheepers company. All of the bulbs I ordered grew and bloomed. The daffodil, Narcissus Golden Echo, lasted forever! I went back and re-read the description, and one of the things they said about it was that it was “incredibly long lasting.”



Then I walked over to get a picture of the lily-flowering tulips.


I found a few pansies that Noah had not plundered!


I turned around and thought that I’d take a couple of long views of the garden to share with you. the Japanese maples just glow in the early spring.




And lastly, encouraged by Shelley’s new purchase, I bought myself a bougainvillea! Put it in one of my leftover big pots, and placed it near the fence. MLG even pruned up a couple of low hanging oak branches so it could get more sun. It will be an annual here, because it is not frost hardy. We had one when I was a kid in the Bay Area, and it covered our entire porch! I loved it.

Oh, and I couldn’t get a picture of it without the “Pile of things we might need someday” in the background… if the bougainvillea grows well, it might be able to hide that pile 🙂


And that’s the garden report for the week. A garden this size takes a lot of time in the spring. I have spent a lot of time weeding and pruning and raking in the past few weeks, and very little time planting. I’m definitely getting quite a bit of that functional exercise!

P.S. I have to share a couple of pictures of the little girls. Every day I spend some time in the studio. The girls seem to enjoy spending time in their beds snoring while I stitch. Sophie, Bess, and Chloe got new sparkly collars. I looked at tons of collars, and finally figured out that the customized ones with their names on them were the most economical option!


Little Fuzz (Zoey) likes to have a bed all to herself if possible.


11 thoughts on “Garden Report

  1. Beautiful! You really do have a lot to maintain there but I bet it’s super satisfying to just get out and putt around.

    I love all things sparkle and those collars with the names are just about the cutest ones I’ve ever seen.

    • I would like putting around a lot more if it didn’t involve bending over so much. I have a cart/seat, and I need to try using it a little more.

      Yes, I love sparkly things, and diamond collars have always been a MUST for my little dogs 🙂

  2. The Bougainvillea is a beautiful plant, sad to think it has to die come winter. Could you bring it in for that time and bring it back out come spring. Maybe trim it back for space considerations? Love your garden posts.

    • Well, I’m hopeful that the bougainvillea will cover the whole fence by the end of summer. I don’t really have a place inside for large plants to winter over, so I’m afraid that will be the end of it. Unless MLG decides to rescue it. He hates letting any plant go!

  3. Your garden looks so good! Love the cherry tree pics, especially with the pink and green against that beautiful blue sky. And the fringed tulips – I’ve only seen them on your and Lori’s blogs – they are so different and cool.

    LOVE the doggy pile in bed, and the new collars are super cute. HAHA to Sophie’s saying QUEEN – yep. She is, and don’t you forget it. Little Zoey looks like you tossed a wig onto a pillow – her hair is so silky. 🙂

  4. That flowering cherry looks a lot like a flowering almond – only bigger! I’m going to have a post with actual blooms in it tonight 😀

    • Ha! Well, you know how much I love my flowering almond 🙂 we had a big storm, so the flowering almond blooms didn’t last too long this year.

  5. No photo of Noah????? your garden is so pretty. It has really evolved this last year. thanks for sharing.

  6. Yes I demand equal blog time for Noah!! 🙂 The girls look so pretty in their new collars! ❤
    I'm sitting here at my desk eating lunch and imagining I'm walking through your garden – very peaceful! (Hey, I do what I gotta do to get through the day!)

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