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A few days after I shared the pictures of the beautiful blooms of the flowering cherry, I went out for a walk, and this is what I saw:




Fleeting beauty, that’s what plants are.

In the background you can see those tall money plants. I had eight of them planted in various areas in the garden. I could see all their “money” seed pods starting to grow. And I could see why they would spread everywhere and why some people considered them a weed. I did not want a whole garden full of money plants. When I bought the seeds, the seed packet did not make them look five feet tall. And I did not like them well enough to keep them. So one day last week, I went out and uprooted ALL of them. They were blocking the view of some of the plants I really wanted to see.  I re-planted three of them outside the garden, in the forest, and if they grow there, fine. I will have a whole forest full of flowers in a couple of years. More deer food 🙂

These plants are so pretty! Lime green leaves with deep brilliant purple blooms. They seem to do well without a lot of sunlight. Sorry, I can’t remember the name.


I am working on replenishing the shade garden. And for some reason, Noah has chosen to dig large holes here. So this is my attempt to deter him. You can see the little half-stomped heuchera there. I have a hard enough time with heucheras without Noah stomping on them. I got a couple of “Kong” coleus at the nursery because they were colorful. And that fern there–I’ve got high hopes for it. Its a maidenhair fern, but its from Australia, and its hardy to -9 degrees! and of course I had to get some of my favorite corsican mint. I don’t think I’ve ever planted it here–we’ll see how it does. Those spiky things growing there are, I think, the mini calla lilies that I planted last year.

DSCN5075 2

And lookie!!! The foxgloves have started to bloom. And can you see the surprise bloom in front of them?? Its an iris that I planted about four years ago that’s never bloomed. I was going to dig it up and throw it away last year, but decided to give it one last chance. I can hardly wait to see what color it is–its been so long I can’t remember what I bought.



Yesterday I took a quick trip to the bay area to see my mom. I managed to fit in a very quick stop at my favorite Livermore nursery, Alden Lane. Just a beautiful place to explore.



I only bought one plant for myself–one more addition for the shade garden. Its called a Jacob’s Ladder, and evidently its supposed to have some nice blooms. I bought it because I like the foliage.


I am keeping busy, moving plants and other heavy garden things. Endless weeding continues. Lots of functional exercise going on! Hopefully I’ll have more to show you in a week or two.

6 thoughts on “Garden Stuff

  1. I believe the plant with the purple blossoms is called Jacob’s Tears. Your garden blooms earlier than ours. It’s like a preview of what’s to come. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The blue flower is a spider wort. I had a ton of those at our old house. A very old-fashioned flower.

    I have some Jacob’s ladder. It self seeds, so be prepared for that. The parent plant died, but now I have babies.

    Those foxgloves are amazingly tall!

  3. Your garden plants are beautiful, the shade garden is coming along nicely. Due to a recent illness I have limited my garden to potted plants for the second year but they do nicely so I’m content for now, still do the endless weeding, always wonder why a weed can grow without water but flowers just die off. I am using more native plants this year so the bees and butterflies have arrived early.

  4. I love how you make your garden work for you – don’t like where something is growing? Move it! As always, such a treat to see everything (and the dogs as well).

  5. Debby, any dates set for chickens and/or surgery? How’s your knee with all that gardening and bending? It sure is a gorgeous garden. Mine is just a border along the fence and lots of pots. I do love it though. Most of the yard is bricks…and I still have to pull weeds.

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