Noah’s Turn

HELLO TO MY WORLD WIDE FANS! I heard that a few of you were concerned about not seeing me in the blog world for a while. No worries, no worries. Its just easier for the lady to take pictures of the pesky mites because they stay in the building 99% of the time.

THIS is my kingdom. The entire outdoors. What more could a big dog want? While the self-appointed Queen scrambles to keep her inside kingdom in order, I have the outdoor universe all to myself.


I keep a close watch for enemy activity. There is particularly suspicious activity in this direction.


But I also keep watch the other direction as well. You never know where an enemy attack might come from. MUST BE ON ALERT AT ALL TIMES.

DSCN5124 2

Ha! Sometimes I watch from my camouflaged location.


The lady provides fresh water in my favorite king-sized bowl.


OH! Excuse me fans! What seems to be going on over there??


The viscous pugs have decided to play!!



Maybe I’ll join in the activity!



Oh. That ended quickly. They’re back to the inside kingdom.


And here, folks, is my magnificent sleeping room. Complete with full sized sofa for winter lounging.


The best of both worlds. When I feel like it, I just come inside. My favorite thing is to plop down between the two chairs. The pesky mites are afraid to go by me. Its quite amusing. HAHAHAHAHA!!!


When its really hot, I can stretch out on the cool floor.


But my favorite spot, and I must admit, that as I age, I spend an inordinate amount of time here, is my summer throne! Its just perfect. And the lady has located it so that I can still keep an eagle eye out for possible enemy attack.



Thanks for your continued interest and adoration. But no need to worry about me. The pesky mites have to fight for lap time from the lady. All I have to do is come and lean against her, or put my big head in her lap, and I have her complete attention.

All my love, NOAH the MAGNIFICENT!

13 thoughts on “Noah’s Turn

  1. Hello Debby….Love this post….and your little dog family. Noah is beautiful. Your garden really shines in these photos. What do you have growing between the stone walkway?

    • That is elfin thyme. It does really well. It has been invaded by red clover, and I am still trying to figure out what to do about that!

      • Every time you write “elfin” thyme I read it as “effin” thyme and I wonder why you hate that thyme so much. 😉

  2. All hail King Noah!! Vive le Noah!! I just want to bury my face in his fur and hug him and squeeze him and call him George. He’s such a good looker-outer for danger!! ❤

      • You remember that bugs bunny cartoon where the Abominable Snowman finds BB and wants to “hug him and squeeze him and call him George” don’t you??

  3. @Jill–LOLOLOL. No I don’t. I think that must have aired after I graduated from Saturday morning cartoons :))

  4. I love this post Debby! Noah is so white and looks so soft. I have one small white pup that we call Jordy. I love to bury my face in his fur and give him kisses. Of course, he returns with many doggie kisses.

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