Glory be! Its HOT here! I just spent a couple of hours in the garden weeding and checking the watering system, and fixing the timer. Fun times. And here are my words of wisdom for you this week:

Growing old is not for the faint of heart.

And that’s all I got to say about that.


When its so hot its hard to work up any enthusiasm for going to the nursery, much less actually buying plants and bringing them home to try and keep them alive. So right now I’m more focused on garden equipment LOL. I got a new hose THAT IS AMAZING. I got so tired of the Costco “kinkless” hoses constantly kinking. So I asked Sallye at the garden center if she would order me a good hose. She ordered me the same hose that they use at their nursery, a Gilmore Super Duty Flexogen. It was expensive, but so worth it for the lack of frustrating kinks. And Sallye says it really lasts a long time.



The chicks are growing quickly in this heat. First I opened up the whole house to them. And then I turned their lamp off when it started getting so hot. They are almost fully feathered now, and look more like tiny bedraggled adult chickens. I watch them closely for signs of rooster behavior (I ordered all hens, but they don’t guarantee 100% accuracy.)


That one that I claimed was a Rhode Island Red rooster the first week? That is my new best friend. So I’m hoping against hope that he is a hen 🙂 He comes running to the door when I open it, and enjoys hopping up on my hand and getting an aerial view of everything.


They are fascinated by anything shiny, which I guess includes light spots.


I was proud that I figured out how to build them a lower perch. And I found scraps of wood to make little steps for their ramp. They would climb up the ramp halfway and then slide back down.


Of course, its always fun to find a higher spot to roost on…


And they still do the same thing–“oh look, there’s something fascinating here, come look! come look!”


And that’s how it goes around here. I am (literally) limping towards the finish line. I guess that’s a good thing. Because if it didn’t hurt to walk, I would probably back out of the knee surgery. They moved my pre-op appointment up a week. It will be good to get more answers to some of my questions.


9 thoughts on “Summertime!

  1. The first thing I did when I read the post title was sing “and the living is easy” 😀 Now I have an earworm.

    Did you get balloon flowers? I love those. Mine won’t be blooming for a while yet.

    • No! I’ve had those for probably 10 years. They started out in barrels and were doing good. Ever since I transplanted them to the garden they have done nothing. i think they’ve been in several locations. Just this week I read that they don’t like being transplanted, so maybe that’s why they took four years before they bloomed again. I was very surprised to see the plant looking so good this year.

  2. The white chicken with the feathers on her feet looks like she’s wearing spats. So cute. I hope your little redhead isn’t a rooster, because you can’t get rid of your bestie!!! They are all so fun to watch…loving your chick updates.

    So your new hose – is it heavy? Jeff has had one in our front yard for years that doesn’t kink, but dang if it isn’t heavy to drag around. I still love my self coiling hose that I bought last year, but it only stretches the length of my patio, so not real convenient for a larger space.

    Have you had a break in the heat by now? It’s hard to get out there and work in it, that’s for sure.

    • I forgot to mention that-it is also a lightweight hose! I love it so much. I checked, and it is available on Amazon. The one I got is a 50 foot. But I need a 100 foot for part of the garden. I might get another one (in a month or two 🙂 )

  3. Thank you for sharing your chicks with us – they are just great and reading about them is a lovely way to start my day. I love that picture of the one sharing at the light spot.

    I agree about the aging thing but I’m so hoping you soon have relief and maybe don’t feel like you’re aging.

    • I can’t even remember what was bothering me about aging. It wasn’t even my knee, it was all the other little things that happen!

  4. Okay so this may be a dumb question (bc I know next to nothing about chickens)…don’t you need a rooster in order for the hens to lay eggs? Or to make eggs, to be exact? I mean, following the laws of reproduction and all… 🙂

    • No rooster necessary! The eggs just won’t be fertilized, which means you have no danger of eating a teeny tiny chickie embryo. A rooster is nice to have around as an early warning system–when I had them before, the rooster would always alarm when any kind of predator came around.

  5. Couldn’t you just have one rooster? I had 6 chickens once, two were roosters and eventually had to get rid of one when they started fighting. Mine were named after General Hospital characters at the time….Luke, Laura, Scorpio, Rose and I can’t remember the other two. Haven’t watched the show for years. You don’t need Roosters unless you want fertilzed eggs.
    Do you have a surgery date yet? Remember I’m ready to assist/ advise. You’ll be so glad you went through with it, I promise!
    Hugs, Barb

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