Garden Party

The weather has cooled a bit, and the garden is starting to perk up. Here’s what’s blooming this morning.

This front bed is doing well. In the back, against the stones, is some new columbine. They won’t bloom this year, but they should look nice next spring. In the center is a baby’s breath. I got it to replace the carnations that used to be there. I love baby’s breath, and I am glad that it seems to be doing well. At the top of the picture you can see the rose of sharon blooming. They are so tall, in spite of me cutting them back almost to the ground last fall.


The rose of sharon is nothing spectacular, but it is pretty to see them up so high waving in the breeze. Below the phlox is starting to bloom.


I got a new gaillardia. This is a color I don’t usually choose, but I thought it would look pretty with the blue salvia growing behind it (when they start growing 🙂 )


I thought the bougainvillea was not going to make it for a  bit, but then it started blooming and growing. Happy happy happy 🙂


The daisies are doing well after their traumatic move last year.



Okay. Hollyhocks. I have some thoughts. I grew these from seeds. I got three or four plants. It takes 2 years for them to bloom. And then they got “rust” in the spring. I cut off all the affected leaves. This one plant is spectacular. But I don’t think I’ll be growing too many hollyhocks in the future.



The hydrangeas are still just starting to bloom. These were three of the very first plants that I had MLG plant for me. They were half dead in their containers, so it is nice to see them thriving now.



And that’s the garden report for this week. I’ll be back tomorrow with the chicken report 🙂


8 thoughts on “Garden Party

  1. Your garden is doing very well this year. The fringed daisies and lace hydrangeas are particularly lovely. I felt the same way about my hollyhocks. We planted about a 10 x 20 area with just perennials this spring and it’s doing beautifully. I love that they come back every year. Keep the beautiful pictures coming. Thanks.

    • I like perennials too. But I like to leave room for annuals. They tend to have a longer bloom time, and sometimes are brighter and showier. If I had a huge yard, I might have an area for hollyhocks. But for some reason I think they like the midwest weather better.

      • Oh, yes. We have annuals, too. Petunias around the mailbox, marigolds to fill in under the dogwood, begonias under the cherry tree. I love them all.

  2. I love your fringed daisies! And the hollyhock flowers are pretty amazing, but I’d not be too happy with a plant that was a dud most of the year…of course, I’m looking at MY bougainvillea, as it’s still not blooming, argh!

    • Aaargh on the bougainvillea. You moved it to more sun, right? I like the fringed daisies too, much better than the common ones we had in Fremont when I was a kid.

  3. I just put in some hollyhocks. Sale of $2.99 per pot. I guess I’ll have to wait a couple years for them to bloom. Wahh! It’s so pretty. Love the fringed daisies!

    • Maybe they have already been in the pots a year and you’ll be lucky. I just looked at them this morning, and they really are spectacular! They are a deeper red than the photos.

  4. Those fringed daisies are so cool. Your hydrangea bush is so big! I always get excited to see the hydrangeas blooming in our yard.

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