Well, I went out in the afternoon hoping to get some good chicken photos. They are hard enough to photograph, with their constant movement, but the afternoon shadows did not help. Next time I’ll try earlier in the day.

After I found a home for the first two roosters, this guy appointed himself king. He is smaller and so his crow is higher. As long as he behaves himself, I might let him stay.


This is one of my French Maran hens. I say hen with great optimism. She has a pretty pronounced red comb and wattles, but I googled Maran hens, and some of them look like this. Fingers crossed she never crows!


The little king better watch out. These two boys are a lot bigger.



Baby continues to do well. She is an eating machine! Trying to make up for lost time, I suppose. I still think she is one of my prettiest chicks. I love her soft silver color.



This is baby’s big sister. She is a darker blue color. Very pretty also.


Buddy likes to stand quite close to me. See how his comb is different than most chickens? That is called a rose comb.


And just another of the cochin hens. This week I changed over from baby feed to layer feed. High hopes that a few eggs will be coming soon 🙂


All the chickens like to take turns standing on these pots that I left in the coop. Its really interesting to watch the feather development on the roosters. If only they didn’t crow and fight and want you-know-what all the time, I would love having roosters.


I am still really enjoying  being a chicken “farmer.” I just love watching them, and I even enjoy cleaning up their house a bit and doing those farmery things.

10 thoughts on “Chickens!

  1. I love the chickens with the Don King hair. And BABY!!! She’s looking good. Her itty bitty comb and wattle look so cute on her, too. It’s cracking me up to see how many of the chickens are looking at you in the pictures, like WHUT DOING LADEEE? They are all so beautiful and it’s fun to see the different colors and patterns of your brood.

  2. Yes, they all look at me, and run to the gate when they see me, because I bring them a treat every day, either greens from the garden, or leftover fruit, or at least a bit of chicken scratch. But most of them don’t want me to touch them. There are two that will eat from my hand and let me touch them. Silly chickens 🙂

  3. Crowing roosters are the worst. When we stayed at our friends house in St. Martin in 2014, there were wild roosters and they would not shut up. So annoying to be woken by that in the middle of the night!

    Your chicks are fun! I can see why you enjoy them so much and don’t even mind cleaning up after them. Do you think you will end up with too many eggs?

    • LOL. When I visited Nairobi, there were roosters crowing all night too. On the last day we were there, we had a big chicken barbecue, and that night we slept really good😊

  4. Love reading this blog as I have 6 chickens–two roos. I love your Buddy. All of them are cute. I want to recommend a blog I follow called “Backyard Chickens”. This blog deals with all kinds of issues–including crowing. ha ha Right now my chicks are molting–a natural things for them to do this time of year I find out.. At first I thought something was causing them to lose feathers. Anyway, I hope you will check out this blog. The black Maran chick does not show signs of feather development on its rump that roosters get….so I think you have a HEN. Chickens begin to lay eggs around 5 or 6 months of age. It’s fun to gather them and even share them if I get too many. My 93 year old neighbor loves getting them. HAVE A SUPER DAY.

    • Mickie, I used to have a little banty hen who, when she moulted, lost ALL her feathers at once and was completely bald for a few days. It was so sad.

  5. That’s a hen for sure. Love the chickens. We’ve been keeping them for about 10 years now but when we first got some we used to pull our chairs up by the run and just watch them. They’re very interesting characters.

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