In The Garden

Since I came home from my quilt show a week ago, I’ve spent more time working in the garden. It seems like there’s a lot of catching up to do… my new drip watering system has made the weeds very happy :/ Here’s some photos of what’s happening. These are plants that seem to be enjoying the cooler weather we’ve been having.

The front flower bed. We’ve enlarged this bed a bit, and when winter comes, we will add more soil to it. When we first put it in, it wasn’t raised very much, and so there’s not that much good soil in there. This is what I see when i drive up to my house, and I enjoy seeing all the color.


I got a tuberous begonia, which mostly enjoys a cooler coastal weather. But since I got it in September, it has actually bloomed a bit for me.


This bed is past its prime, but like I said, the cooler weather has given some  of the flowers renewed vigor. Especially that one volunteer nasturtium.


Here’s the salvia with the rudbeckia(?). They’re a little crowded now, but they will both do so well next year.


I mentioned that this hydrangea turned green when it was past its prime, but then a month later the blooms turned pink. This bush is very rangy, but the flowers are so beautiful and last for so long, its worth it.


I got another dwarf flowering maple (abutilon). I love these crinkly blooms.


And here’s the zinnias, which you can see are crowding that rudbeckia. So very cheerful, and these blooms last a long time too!


And that’s the garden report for another week. Have a happy and safe weekend.

4 thoughts on “In The Garden

  1. As always, your garden is so pretty. I can see why it makes you happy. I, too, love begonias but can’t have them on the patio as it’s just too freaking hot back there, even though I live on the coast. I’ve notice that many of our summer flowers that should be dying off have seemingly sprung to new life with the recent weather. (Though none of them are mine since I had to clear the patio for stupid Jose.)

  2. I love the begonia! And that reminds me of the Begonia Festival in Capitola, which we used to go to as a group with the candystripers. Ahhh, memories. 🙂

    Your blooms are so colorful and it’s great that everything is still active. Like you, we also have plans to add more soil to some spots, but not until everything is dormant. Don’t want to mess up the prettiness now!

  3. Your garden still really looks in the swing of things and not really past peak. That flowering maple is very cool! I’m eyeing a large bush/small (very) tree to replace an overgrown mass of viburnum. I’m going to see if that flowering maple might fit the bill.

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