Chicken Report

My chickens are growing up! They’re doing grownup things like crowing every morning, and laying eggs. I look forward to finding eggs every day, and I usually check several times a day, trying not to disturb the hens too much. Today I actually stood there and watched one hen lay her egg!!

Here’s my egg washing system. You can see they are still laying a variety of sizes. The big ones are double yolkers.


And my new pink egg cartons! I have asked people to save their egg cartons for me, but I was worried that I would not have enough cartons so I checked around the internet and found one place that sold cartons at a discount. I have a LOT of pink egg cartons πŸ™‚


Today I worked in the garden a bit. I pulled up all the mint (haha, I’m pretty sure it’ll make an appearance in the spring…) The chickens love to pick over fresh greens.



The two big boys. So far they are behaving themselves for the most part–not fighting with each other, not being aggressive towards me, and not bothering the hens TOO much. As long as they behave themselves they are welcome at my farm. They have names: Buddy #1 and Buddy #2.


The little king. He stays away from the big boys and he doesn’t bother the hens at all. Probably because he can’t see… Somebody pecks his topknot at night, so now he gets anti-pick medicine on his head.


And Here’s Baby!!!! She is so smart. She might be low in the pecking order, but she just knows how to stay out of everybody’s way, and she gets her fair share of all the treats too.


Baby’s big sister. She is probably the largest hen, and really she is probably the most outstanding.


This is a New Hampshire Red. All of the red hens are pretty friendly, and very curious. They always come very close to me, and usually let me pet them.


Chicken in a Bowl πŸ™‚


One more shot of Buddy #2. He is really a gorgeous rooster–a Speckled Sussex. You can see his female counterpart in the corner there. Oh, see that woodwork along the ground in the back? The chickens were digging their way UNDER my woodshed. I was worried that the cement foundation would collapse, so MLG rigged that up to deter them.


Buff Orpington. They are very quiet. I love their soft color.


Every afternoon I spread a bunch of “scratch” for them. Its like a chicken treat. They look forward to it every day, and always follow me along the fence line to see if this time I will be giving it to them.


An action shot of Baby–that’s how she does it. Identifies what she wants and finds the most strategic place to get it πŸ™‚


And that’s the chicken report for now. I wish you all lived closer. I have a lot of eggs to share with people. I had eggs for dinner tonight. They taste good, but I am not a good egg cooker, and they don’t look very appetizing, so no pictures.


11 thoughts on “Chicken Report

  1. Baby is so pretty! Are you selling the eggs now or can you eat all of them? I also was thinking – do you still like to eat chicken now that you are raising them again or has it put you off of it some?

    • Oh I can’t eat all of them! I am giving them away so far, because they are all different sizes. I am hoping that I will be able to sell them in the future. Unfortunately, there is still a big disconnect between the chicken in plastic packages and my chickens that I love to watch running around. I still like to eat chicken a lot.

  2. I’d buy eggs from you for sure!!!! Having laying (and meat hens) or at least staying with friends who have them is on my bucket list. My Indiana friends (I’m a Hoosier) have them. I’m not zoned to have them in So. Cal costal but maybe someday I’ll live where I can. πŸ™‚

  3. Man, I am so late to this hen party! πŸ™‚ You’re chickens look so pretty and healthy! My neighbor’s chickens don’t look as plump and hearty as yours do – hers are kinda scrawny I think.

    If we lived closer I would buy so many eggs from you. I love some good fresh eggs. Have you thought of making a few quiches with your eggs and freezing them? I had a friend who did that, and then whenever she needed a gift for a neighbor or when she had friends over she just pulled a quiche out of the freezer and heated it up. I always thought that was a great way to use up eggs.

  4. They are all grown up! And so pretty – I love all the different colors and subtle shadings on them, and especially the Professor’s hair (OK, you call him the King, I call him the Professor…tomato, tomahto LOL). What in the heck were they trying to dig out for…don’t they know they’ve got the LIFE, what with you giving them fresh greens and scratch and all the admiring looks? Silly chickens.

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