I Went to Lake Tahoe!

I decided to go to an Art Quilt retreat at Lake Tahoe. It was the first week of November, so for weeks ahead of time, I was nervous about the drive up–would it snow??? Sure enough, snow was predicted for the day I drove up šŸ˜¦ I went and got chains for my car, and then nervously checked the CA road reports every day. And then the weather changed. No snow, and it was a beautiful drive up there!

I love Lake Tahoe. I’ve told you before how we spent many summer vacations in Tahoe when I was a kid. Now it seems I go more often in the fall, although I usually go earlier than this. The lake changed every day. The first day it was clear and smooth.

IMG_4025 2

The next day there were clouds obscuring the mountains, and the lake was a little choppier. To me, that makes it look almost like the ocean. I like it better when I can see the far shore.


The next day it was even choppier (and colder!)


I noticed on the drive up the huge boulders that line the river that runs along the highway. These big rocks are everywhere. I really like them.


And then, before you know it, it was time to come home. And even though I observed that the pine trees in Tahoe were prettier than our pine trees at home, I was so very happy to be coming home. I love where I live. This is one of the things I love. Just the simplicity of the live oaks turning bright yellow and shining through the pines and the scrub oaks.


Back in the garden, some of the Japanese maples were turning colors:



And here’s something that JUST. SHOULD. NOT. BE. Two of my foxgloves were blooming! Does this mean they won’t bloom in the spring???


Here’s where we planted two Aspens at the back of the yard. I will be so excited when they get a little bigger. They are so beautiful in the fall–there are thousands of them growing further up the hill on the way to Lake Tahoe.


Did I show you this already? We rescued some logs from a recently chopped down pine (phone company had to remove some dead pines.) And MLG made this little area to display my bonsai trees!


Some nice color from this maple bonsai.


And that’s the report for now. I hope all of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!

12 thoughts on “I Went to Lake Tahoe!

  1. Good Morning Debbie….thanks for sharing these photos of the Lake. I have never seen this lake. The first photo is quite lovely, but the photos became progressively colder and rougher. You mentioned that you had bought “chains” for your car in case you hit snow while traveling to the retreat. I AM NOT READY FOR WINTER!!!!! I agree with you about the pleasure of coming home. Your gardens still look lovely. You can really see the nice work done by your MG in the brick and stone areas. Re the Foxgloves, they are biennial here in Maryland, but often reseed themselves. Hope yours return in the spring. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

    PS What kind of camera are you using….your photos are so crisp and clear.

    • Good morning, Mickie! Some of the pictures were taken with my iPhone, and my other camera is a Nikon Coolpix L820. I should have mentioned that Lake Tahoe is way up the hill–its at 6500 ft elevation, and to get there you have to go over a pass that is 9500 foot elevation. Thus the worry about snow!

      The foxgloves are new young ones that I planted so I would have spring blooms. That’s why I’m worried that now that they’ve bloomed, they won’t bloom again in spring!

  2. Love those pictures! I loved going to Lake Tahoe when I lived on that side of the coast, brings back memories. A year and a half ago I totaled my car on the way to a quilt retreat in New Hampshire, so it pays to pay VERY close attention to the weather forecast. Hindsight tells me I should have gone the day before and stayed at a hotel closer to my destination. I’m glad your trip worked out better. PS: I did not miss the retreat that year…:)

  3. I don’t know why, but this post made me happy. That second picture looks like a Bob Ross painting (I love Bob Ross – maybe that’s why this post evoked the happy for me) šŸ™‚

    You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Northeastern OK is nice, but we have to drive a few hours to get to scenery like that!

    Maybe your foxgloves just wanted to show off a little for you!

  4. Your pictures of Lake Tahoe are just so pretty and make me want to go back there. Also, those boulders remind me of Pinecrest – we used to climb on them. Ahhh, memory lane. šŸ™‚

    Love your bonsai display area! So clever to use the tree stumps like that!

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