Just in Time for Winter

I’ve said several times that we’ve had an unusually mild winter. A few weeks ago, things started blooming.

My little flowering quince that I “bonsai’d” last fall:


Daffodils started appearing:



A few hyacinths started popping up:


And of course, violets, one of the earliest harbingers of spring:


The pink camellia has even put out a few blooms:


And my heuchera? Usually it is just sticks at this time of year. It never stopped blooming!


I bought a 15 pack of primroses from Costco and have been enjoying their cheerful color when I drive up. Its been warm but so dry that I have had to water several times already.


And of course last fall I planted 80 tulip bulbs and I think about 50 daffodil bulbs. They have all started popping up…


Just in time for winter. We have a week of weather predicted with temps in the 20’s at night and snow and ice predicted. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen…


5 thoughts on “Just in Time for Winter

  1. What the heck?? Winter NOW? That’s ridiculous. We had a harsher than normal winter but are finally warming up (too soon for my liking, really). Your plants and blooms are all so beautiful – I hope they survive this week!

  2. As always, I’m jealous of your early flowers. Take it from me, who has experienced blooms, then snow, a lot of what you have there will, amazingly, survive. You’ll have to let us know which ones made it.

  3. It seems like we always get one last blast of winter in late Jan/early Feb. Hopefully it’ll bypass us this year. I’ve had enough already.

    It always amazes me when plants & flowers survive that last/final blast!!

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