New Things in the Garden

Did I tell you that I offered the girls at Alden Lane Nursery a free Quilted Embroidery class, because the whole experience I had at their show last year was so wonderful? Anyway, I did that at the beginning of March, and they gave me a $150 gift card to their nursery!! But that day was so cold and snowy, I didn’t want to bring any plants home. So this past weekend I went down and wandered around the nursery looking for what I would like to get.

I knew I wanted a nice rose. I found this one, which is an English style rose, and has a wonderful scent to it! I just went out to see what it is called, and the name is Pretty Lady Rose. Evidently there is a series of roses being named after the characters on Downton Abbey!


I also found a variegated leaf coral bells that is very pretty. Not a great picture, but I like the leaves and the flowers.


And then, finally, I found this wonderful little tree. Its called a Twisty Baby Locust. Obviously the branches are twisty, but the leaves are so pretty, and in the early spring it has pretty yellow flowers on it. I do like unusual trees, and I was so excited to find this one. We decided to keep it in a pot for a year or two. I think it needs to go where the NON-BLOOMING dogwood tree is. But we’ll give the dogwood one or two more years to bloom.


Hmmm. I need to do something about the doggie room and supplies back there. Not a very pretty background. Maybe this will be the year I paint it.

A close-up of the leaves and branches:


The cherry tree is in full bloom:


And the lilac is starting to bloom too!


Still lots of weeding going on. Some of the little plants I bought earlier are doing well–astilbes and bleeding hearts. But they are pretty small this year. I will look forward to seeing them next year.

I called John Scheepers to double check, and they said yes, in California, treat tulips like annuals. So today all of those got dug up. MLG (Kevin,) who likes to save all plants took the tulips home to give them another chance.

3 thoughts on “New Things in the Garden

  1. Wow you got some fun new plants!! Love that twisty tree. I still miss Downton Abbey – it was such a nice way to end the weekend/start a new week.

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