Up Close in the Garden

Sometimes I like to try taking close-ups with my camera. That is part of the charm of a garden, watching the new shoots emerge, and seeing small changes every day.

Standing underneath the flowering cherry tree:


I love their fluffy blossoms so much!


White and green variegated Japanese maple:


Pink tinged Japanese maple:


Just emerging leaves on the “moon-leafed” Japanese maple:


Pink and green variegated maple:


One more:


This is a little plant I”ve had for years. It seems to travel and emerge wherever it wants. I think it was an Irish clover.


New Columbines:


And the new rose:


This is the super-full bloom that caught my eye in the nursery!


And that’s all that’s new for this week. Have a great weekend. Hoping for warm weather for all my East Coast friends!

7 thoughts on “Up Close in the Garden

  1. I love these close ups! The pinks slay me, and the pink-edged maple leaves make me want to pick up and move back to California, just so I can have one of those trees.

  2. I’ve just ‘rediscovered’ your blog Debby… And i love seeing your gardening photos. Beautiful. Hugs! deb

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