Garden Report

This is the year of the columbine! These are some old columbines that self-seeded behind one of the Japanese maples.


These are some columbines that I planted last year.


And one more columbine, right next to the new rose bush I bought last week! I’ll get it planted tomorrow.


A lone foxglove. Remember, last fall I complained that the foxgloves were blooming then, instead of waiting until spring?


Did I tell you I built this trellis myself? This is a wild rose, and it needed some support. I saw these stakes at the nursery and decided I could build my own trellis.


Snapdragons and the Gerbera daisy.


And the lupines in full bloom.


I forgot the name of this plant. Its a perennial that grows well in the shade, with lime green leaves and beautiful violet flowers.


Thought I’d throw in a few pictures of the chickens. They all run over to the fence when they see me coming. Because usually I am bringing them some sort of treat. You might be able to see that many of them are missing feathers. I am not happy about this at all. I think it started because I was leaving the lights on during winter to keep them laying. They were bored, and so they started plucking each other. I weaned the lights off, and I’m hoping that when they eventually molt, that will be the end of their feather plucking.



This is one sitting in the nest box. You can see that they all have a favorite nest box. Most of them lay their eggs in the first and the last box. I don’t know why. All the boxes are equal. I even put a little runway up so they could walk back and forth and choose any box they wanted.


And that’s the report for this week. We have a week of predicted 70 degree weather–perfect for working in the garden. I’m hoping to get some more planting and weeding done this week.

The Garden This Week

Each week there are new things to see in the garden. And new plants to get in the ground… and more weeds to pull 🙂 Here is a view from under the lilac tree. It is in full bloom just as the cherry tree is finishing its bloom.


Baby bleeding hearts! I bought a pack of shade plants from Costco. There were bleeding hearts and astilbe and a fern or two. Next to this bleeding heart is the older astilbe I’ve had for a few years. It finally seems like its going to be happy here and give me a good show!


Here is the shade garden. I think I finally have some plants that will do well here. I’m going to remove that big floppy plant in the front, and leave that space for something pretty, like a double impatiens. And maybe you can see that the wire plant is coming back to life—I thought the moles had killed it!


More columbines!


This was a volunteer columbine!


Just the ground cover under one of the maples. But it looks so pretty this year.


A snapdragon that I managed to save. I’ve been having bad luck with the snapdragons for a few years.


I looked down and thought this was so pretty. A pansy blooming among the cherry blossoms.


And look! I have been running over to see this plant every day! Its a lupine. I planted six, and only three survived. And so far this is the only one starting to bloom. They are much bigger than I thought they would be.


And lastly, you probably know I can’t resist these darn Gerbera daisies. Especially if they are magenta 🙂


And that’s the report for this week. I’m hitting up the nurseries for little annuals to add color here and there in the garden. So fun to create little pretty landscapes and watch them grow.