A Visit to Cambria

I love going to Cambria Pines Lodge for my rug hooking retreat! They have beautiful gardens surrounding the lodge. I didn’t take too many pictures, but here are a few. This beautiful arrangement was actually a garbage can topper!


My mom loves succulents so I took a couple pictures for her:


I really liked the way these were arranged into the stone wall.


And the bird houses! I took these pictures because I’m hoping I can find someone who will build a couple of bird houses like this for me 🙂



When I taught my quilting class in San Luis Obispo, I met a really nice young woman there. This is the second time she has come up to Cambria to visit with me. This is her almost finished quilt from the class.


I absolutely love this saying. I know you will too!


We went out for lunch, and I had a piece of Key Lime Pie that was almost as good as Love Pies when I was visiting Shelley in Texas 🙂


My rug hooking friend Mary Lynn, on the last day getting her last look at the ocean before she returned to Illinois.


When I returned home, there were an overwhelming number of eggs that had been gathered in the week I was gone!


There is a wonderful nursery across from the Lodge, and I usually pick out a few succulents for my mom. But this time, I liked them so well (and she literally has HUNDREDS of them) I kept them for myself. I just potted them up today. Fingers crossed that I can keep them alive.


Next up: a garden and chicken report 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Visit to Cambria

  1. I am going to a mini quilt retreat at a friend’s house in Cambria next Wednesday……one of my very favorite places.

    • I have regular customers that buy eggs weekly. Have to admit, though, that they have started producing more than I can sell! I give some away to neighbors and friends.

  2. Loved today’s post. I really love the stone wall and the lovely saying. Can’t believe you have such productive chicks. LOL

  3. Ahhh, there is nothing like coastal succulents – they always look so pretty and seem to do so well there! And when the trash can has such a pretty topper, well, you know you’re in a good place. 🙂

  4. What a great saying!! And her quilt is so pretty. I love that you go to these camps and retreats…you are living a well-balanced life. 🙂

  5. And tell us about the class, too please. What did you work on? Did you see anything wonderful? Did you take a walk in the sand on your new knee?
    Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in hobbies and projects. I’m making quilts, crocheting a scrap- using throw, embroidering, mini weaving, knitting socks, making fabric jewelry, etc etc etc….Do you ever want to throw up your hands or just sit and stare at the piles of projects? I was thinking about assigning a day per craft. Maybe knitting Mondays, quilting Tuesdays, etc. At least I’d be making progress in each area. I love the excitement of starting new projects. I need a crew to finish stuff! How do you handle this?

    • I did walk in the sand on my new knee. And we took a walk every morning too. I’ll answer your creative questions on the quilting blog!

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