Senior Dogs

Recently I was at a Weaver’s Convention, and there was a beautiful picture book there called “Senior Dogs Across America.” Of course, I didn’t buy it then. I came home and looked for a nice used copy on Amazon and sent for it. As I looked through it at all these wonderful senior dogs, I came across a dog in Baltimore called Cecelia. She looked very familiar. She looked like the wonderful dog of an old blog buddy of mine. I wondered about it, and if you can believe it, the next night I couldn’t sleep so I was looking at Facebook. And there was my blogger friend posting, so I wrote her a note asking if that was her Cecelia. And sure enough, it was! That was so fun!

Anyway, as I looked through the book, I realized that four out of my five dogs were senior dogs. So I set out to take some nice pictures of all of them.

Here’s Zoey. Zoey recently had an allergic reaction and scratched almost all of her hair out before I could get her to the vet. Her ear hair truly reached all the way to the ground, but I had to cut it off. It was a very sad day for me. Anyway, she is a doll. I didn’t adopt her until she was nine years old. She will be 12 in November. I hope she lives a long time. Except for her allergies, she is very healthy and spry.



And Zoey sleeping on the book!


Next in age is Miss Sophie, or The Queen, as she prefers to be called. She turned 11 years old in March. She has a lot of white hair now. And she always uses the little ramp that we built for Mr. Monk for the one step in the house.


Sophie is always right next to me when I am out in the yard.


Miss Bess is next. I know the shelter guessed at her age when I got her, and I think they underestimated how old she was. So on her birthday, I have “nine or 12 years old.” She is still very feisty, but she is the most frail. She has some stiffness in her hind legs. And her nose is very short, so we watch her diet carefully so she is never overweight. Miss Bess is not the most photogenic of dogs, but she has beautiful big eyes.


I love it when she looks at me and wags her little tail.


And then there’s the big man. I don’t know why, but I call him my Fuzzy Monkey. Anyway, Noah is quite famous. Here he is–I was trying to get him napping, but he saw me and got up to patrol the yard.


This picture is a little fuzzy, but this is where he loves to take a drink–out of my mini bird bath! So I keep it filled up every day, and fortunately, the birds still get to use it in the early evening.


This is where Noah spends 90% of his time. I highly recommend these sling beds. It is comfortable and cool for him.


Noah will be nine years old in October!

I really like having senior dogs. They are for the most part very well behaved. So loving and kind, and willing to take turns getting lap time from me.