Its Liriope Time!

I love these liriope plants. I love them so much that I have bought five of them, one at a time, over the years. They all started out in the shade garden, but it was too shady for them, and so one by one, they have all been transplanted to another area of the garden that seems just perfect for them. The one that got eaten by the mole even got transplanted, and is doing very well!


This is my oldest liriope. I think it may need to be divided. I am always a little afraid of dividing plants.


Close-up of their funny little blooms:


Elsewhere in the garden, the zinnias are really doing well. With Lori’s recommendation, I have ordered zinnia seeds from Select Seeds, and am looking forward to having specific zinnia colors in my garden next year. I also ordered some special nasturtiums, and have a plan for those next year too!


I should mention that we have had unusually cool weather since mid-August, and it looks like it is going to continue for the next week or so. Lovely! Anyway, the salvia loves the cooler weather, and has made a big comeback now.


I like these striped petunias. They are in a pot in front of the salvia.


Many of my roses have been blooming. I couldn’t get a good picture of most of them, but here is one. The blooms now are smaller than the spring blooms, but still pretty and still smell good ­čÖé


The hydrangea:


And this plant, which I don’t know the name of. It has a faint minty smell. The bees love it so much. In August I give it a haircut, and then a whole new crop of the little blue blossoms starts up again.


I am very proud that I have kept all of my little trees alive this year. I go out every morning or evening and give them a sprinkle, as well as giving the Japanese maples a  sprinkle.



I planted this baby’s breath plant, but it is a short plant and is in the wrong place, so when i was doing a little weeding, I pulled out a stem of it as well. So I cut one rose to bring inside to enjoy them together. (I should see if I can get that WARNING sign off my window. Its funny how you don’t notice stuff like that until you see a picture.)


I have to admit that I have done very little weeding or work in the garden this summer besides walking through the garden and watering this and that. I have ordered a bunch of daffodils and tulips again from John Scheepers, and so there will be some work done this fall. In addition, there might be some major transplanting going on.