A Chicken and Garden Report

I am so happy. My plan is working. This year, I did not keep the lights on in the evening (so the chickens would keep laying eggs.) Of course, this means I only get 5-7 eggs a day from 22 chickens. BUT, I am happy because all of my chickens are starting to grow their feathers back. Here are some of them:

The white cochins:


Both of the Black Copper Marans are in full feather:


And they have finally started laying their dark brown eggs again:


The Dominique:


And one of the New Hampshire Reds:


Both of the Speckled Sussex are coming back into full feather. They were really bald in the last chicken update I did.


And the self-appointed queen of the yard. I don’t think she’s ever lost too many of her feathers. I’m not so sure she’s the queen. She might just be smart enough to stay away from the other chickens.


Did I tell you that my apple tree grew ONE apple! I watched it for a long time, sure that the deer or the bear or birds might get it. But one day, it looked ripe enough and I ate it! Yumm!


A while back, I bought a book on Monet’s garden. It was so interesting to read. And he just was determined to put flowers everywhere. So the next time Kevin came over, I kidded around and said I was going to add some planter beds here. He actually likes building these beds, so he did this for me. I’m very excited. I bought a bunch of spring bulbs from John Scheepers again, plus those specialty seeds that I bought, so I will be able to plant some of them here.


Of course, all of the dogs have to explore anything new in the garden.


Kevin came up with a great idea to add some beds to the front of the shade garden. We are going to save that project for next spring.

4 thoughts on “A Chicken and Garden Report

  1. It’s so good to see the chickens in full feather again! They are all so pretty – and sacrificing some eggs is worth that, right? Love that you got to enjoy your one apple (instead of the deer). Reminds me of a Little House on the Prairie story about something getting almost all of their crop and the family only got a tiny bit but enjoyed eating whatever it was. I’m sure that was helpful in guiding you to a book I read when I was 8 years old, LOL. But still – you’re a pioneer just like the Ingalls family! 🙂

  2. Your chickens look great! Love, love those garden beds. I need to do something like that for the shade bed where the fence used to be and the neighbor’s weeds are visible and encroaching into it. Can’t wait to see your bulbs and flowers! I bought a bunch of zinnia seeds from Select Seeds as well from really tall giant ones to cupcake size. Is spring here yet????

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