Favorite Things

I noticed I have some favorite things that I do every year at Christmas. Quite a few years ago my BF gave me some iTunes money. I actually do not like iTunes. But I bought two movies with that money–Elf and The Santa Clause. That has come in very handy, because I like watching both of those movies every year. I also like The Holiday, especially the part with Jack Black and Kate Winslet. Oh, and those two little girls that are Jude Law’s kids are darling. Oh heck. I like the whole movie. So this year instead of renting it again, I just paid the $8 to own it. So now I can watch my three favorite movies every year.

My favorite Christmas book is Kneeling in Bethlehem, by Ann Weems. It is poetry, but not rhyming poetry. It is just so beautiful. I love reading one or two poems from it each morning between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My favorite Christmas song is the Hallelujah Chorus. In my opinion, this is the best quilt I have ever made. And I almost forgot, but I got it out of its cubby in the closet and hung it up in my house. I am so happy that I did that.


Of course, there is the inevitable dog crate there with the pile of Very Important Magazines… And don’t you just love Santa with his two little dachshunds in attendance. (Thank you Shelley!)

Some years I just can’t be bothered getting all the Christmas stuff out. I started out this year with my wreath from Trader Joe’s (for that lovely piney scent) and two poinsettias from Home Depot because they were so darn cheap. I thought that might be enough for Christmas this year. But then I felt a little pressured to decorate a little more because other friends were doing it. I have a LOT of Christmas stuff.


I started out just bringing in the little Christmas tree, and just one box of ornaments. That was just perfect.


The santas on the wall behind the tree are cross-stitched, and were given to me by my dad’s wife.

Here are two of my oldest ornaments. The little skating girl was mine (I put my name on her butt so my sister couldn’t claim her 🙂 ) And the ornament above her we had when I was a little girl. I guess that makes them antiques!


In the box with the tree were some of my favorite Santas. And don’t you just love that lantern shaped thing. It has a blower in it so that the sparkly stuff is always circulating!


I also bought some of these cinnamon scented pine cones because they smelled so wonderful when I walked into the grocery store. Then my sister gave me another bag of them so I have them in three different rooms in my house!


And this is the one thing that I for sure put out every year. My mom “made” this set when we were just little kids. I’m sure she saw it in one of those women’s magazines. Why else would she decorate Mary and Baby Jesus with velveteen and Joseph with silk? and the blue and white spun glass was from way back when too!


This year I decided to do some baking for Christmas presents. Of course, I have to try them to make sure they taste okay. I might be returning to the sugar-free life in January!

In case I don’t write again, I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!