Daffodils Everywhere!

I have lots of daffodils blooming right now. One thing I never pay attention to is when they say bulbs are early or late blooming. That would be a good thing to keep track of if I want plants in various areas to bloom at the same time. No tulips yet, but some of them are about to burst.

These are the first daffodils I got from John Scheepers. They are extra long lasting.


These are the new ones I got, also from John Scheepers. They are supposed to have a dark red trumpet and white petals surrounding. We’ll see if they continue to change color.


These are some little ones that I don’t even remember planting.


This is one of those double daffodils that I have to practically get upside down to get a good picture of them.


Here are a lot of mini daffodils. I had to go outside the fence to get this picture.

DSCN6464 2

And some doggie pictures to end. This is one of the best photos of Bessie I’ve ever gotten. Usually her tongue is hanging out. There are a couple of teeth showing if you look close…


And this is where Chloe and Zoey spend more than half their lives. Now its the dog chair. I put a quilt over it but you can see that they rearrange it.


The weather is pretty nice now. Some rain, but mostly sunny with highs in the 50s and 60s. I should be working in the yard, but I caught a cold, so laying low for a few days. Oh, and I got a really good lopper that can easily cut 2″ branches! Very exciting to get new equipment.


A Mystery

During the two snowstorms, Sophie the dachshund escaped twice. Sophie is practically bald. And she was out in that snow both times for several hours. That was very upsetting.  I checked the whole fence line, and put some extra stones by the front and back gates in case that was her escape route.

She escaped a couple of times after that. I kept blaming myself, that she was sneaking out when I opened the door, and that she was so short I didn’t notice it.

Then in the past couple of days, she escaped again TWICE, and this time I KNEW it was not from me going in and out. The second time I was outside talking to my neighbor, and a truck comes driving up slowly, PRECEDED by Sophie walking up the middle of the road.

Sophie has lost weight as she gets older. So I walked the fence line again. It is rabbit and deer fencing, so the spaces at the bottom are about two inches apart. I found one place where it looked like she might have wiggled through, and so I wove a bamboo stake through that area. So far she has not escaped since then.

Sophie, the bad little dachshund, looking all innocent in her bed.


A Garden Report

We are having some nice spring weather this week. That means that things are starting to bloom! And that Noah is getting a bath today 🙂

Some daffodils from last year. I realized that I neglect my daffodils, so I bought some bone meal to put on them when they are done blooming. I have a lot of new tulips and daffodils but none of them have bloomed yet.


The Dandy Walker bush. It does have interesting stuff going on almost all year.


The first camellia.


A few hyacinths and some double daffodils.


And some surprise daffodils in between my little trees. I didn’t even know there were daffodils planted there!


So, did I tell you all that MLG (master landscape guy) just up and quit on me? Didn’t even tell me. Just quit returning calls. At first I was upset, but now I am just mad. I was always a nice customer. I wouldn’t have minded if he had quit and just told me that was his plan. Anyway, I need a little help in my garden, and so far I haven’t found anybody. I got the name of another guy from the local nursery but he has never answered his phone. I have decided that from all the money I am saving, I can buy some new equipment. I bought one of those long pole trimmers and I was able to trim my apple tree, but the cherry tree is too tall, and I couldn’t manage it.