A Garden Report

We are having some nice spring weather this week. That means that things are starting to bloom! And that Noah is getting a bath today 🙂

Some daffodils from last year. I realized that I neglect my daffodils, so I bought some bone meal to put on them when they are done blooming. I have a lot of new tulips and daffodils but none of them have bloomed yet.


The Dandy Walker bush. It does have interesting stuff going on almost all year.


The first camellia.


A few hyacinths and some double daffodils.


And some surprise daffodils in between my little trees. I didn’t even know there were daffodils planted there!


So, did I tell you all that MLG (master landscape guy) just up and quit on me? Didn’t even tell me. Just quit returning calls. At first I was upset, but now I am just mad. I was always a nice customer. I wouldn’t have minded if he had quit and just told me that was his plan. Anyway, I need a little help in my garden, and so far I haven’t found anybody. I got the name of another guy from the local nursery but he has never answered his phone. I have decided that from all the money I am saving, I can buy some new equipment. I bought one of those long pole trimmers and I was able to trim my apple tree, but the cherry tree is too tall, and I couldn’t manage it.

8 thoughts on “A Garden Report

  1. WoW, I’m jealous, it was 13 degrees here (Northern MI ) this Morning. I’m still snowshoeing.
    Your spring plants are beautiful !!!!!!

  2. Loved the photos, esp of the “walker” shrub. Need to comment on your MLG…Since this was so abrupt with no explanation, it’s time to GO check on him, especially since he isn’t answering your calls…I am not suggesting a confrontation, but just a concerned check on him. My friend had this same thing happen with her long time MLG,, and she didn’t do anything but make a few calls to him which were all unanswered. She later heard thru the neighbors that he had been in accident and was now in a nursing facility…….just a suggestioin. There has to be more to his story as he had worked with you for so long.

    • I did text him that I was very worried, and he sent back a brief message that all was fine. I know that his back was hurting him more, and I would have been fine if he had just said he was retiring.

  3. I can’t believe he just quit without even a word! There must be something going on…if not with him then maybe someone in his family or something like that. I hope you can find a new MLG soon. So sorry that happened.

    So, did Noah enjoy his bath? 🙂

  4. What a pain to start over with a new landscaper. People can be so thoughtless sometimes. It appeared he did good work for you- I hope he’s all right and you find a replacement soon.
    My mostly white long haired Chihuahua had a small growth removed between her eyes. It started out a mole covered by white fur and invisible (for her 1st 8 years). Then in grew a bit and got darker, and her Vet thought it better come off and get checked. She did great- sh’e very timid, but boy did it look worse shaved and with 2 black stitches and purple medicine all around it. Poor baby, her looks are important to her. Stitches come out in another week and she’ll look so much better. Nothing menacing, thank God, just scary (for me).
    I can’t wait for more Spring pictures from your garden.. Barb

    • Oh my. Me and my plant names. That is actually a name of a malformation in babies that I probably took care of one time… Yes it is a Harry Lauder bush! I’ve had it for a while and it seems pretty care-free. I prune it at the bottom mostly and when the branches get in the way of my paths.

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