A Mystery

During the two snowstorms, Sophie the dachshund escaped twice. Sophie is practically bald. And she was out in that snow both times for several hours. That was very upsetting.  I checked the whole fence line, and put some extra stones by the front and back gates in case that was her escape route.

She escaped a couple of times after that. I kept blaming myself, that she was sneaking out when I opened the door, and that she was so short I didn’t notice it.

Then in the past couple of days, she escaped again TWICE, and this time I KNEW it was not from me going in and out. The second time I was outside talking to my neighbor, and a truck comes driving up slowly, PRECEDED by Sophie walking up the middle of the road.

Sophie has lost weight as she gets older. So I walked the fence line again. It is rabbit and deer fencing, so the spaces at the bottom are about two inches apart. I found one place where it looked like she might have wiggled through, and so I wove a bamboo stake through that area. So far she has not escaped since then.

Sophie, the bad little dachshund, looking all innocent in her bed.


7 thoughts on “A Mystery

  1. Well hopefully you’ve figured it out – that’s stressful! Although she does keep coming back so there’s that. Maybe she just wanted some adventure in her old age.

  2. That dog! They can be so quiet and sneaky when they want. I have to say, the idea of a little dachshund leading a truck up the road made me chortle…she may be small, but she has great power!

  3. Queen Sophie will not be contained! She just wanted to check out her domain – make sure all was well with the peasants (ie. every other dog). 🙂

    • Fortunately, there aren’t too many dogs on the road right now. One of them might have not been amused by her Queendom!

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