Daffodils Everywhere!

I have lots of daffodils blooming right now. One thing I never pay attention to is when they say bulbs are early or late blooming. That would be a good thing to keep track of if I want plants in various areas to bloom at the same time. No tulips yet, but some of them are about to burst.

These are the first daffodils I got from John Scheepers. They are extra long lasting.


These are the new ones I got, also from John Scheepers. They are supposed to have a dark red trumpet and white petals surrounding. We’ll see if they continue to change color.


These are some little ones that I don’t even remember planting.


This is one of those double daffodils that I have to practically get upside down to get a good picture of them.


Here are a lot of mini daffodils. I had to go outside the fence to get this picture.

DSCN6464 2

And some doggie pictures to end. This is one of the best photos of Bessie I’ve ever gotten. Usually her tongue is hanging out. There are a couple of teeth showing if you look close…


And this is where Chloe and Zoey spend more than half their lives. Now its the dog chair. I put a quilt over it but you can see that they rearrange it.


The weather is pretty nice now. Some rain, but mostly sunny with highs in the 50s and 60s. I should be working in the yard, but I caught a cold, so laying low for a few days. Oh, and I got a really good lopper that can easily cut 2″ branches! Very exciting to get new equipment.


9 thoughts on “Daffodils Everywhere!

  1. Just a suggestion…consider compressing your photos for “website” so they download faster. For those of us living in rural areas with very limited download, I sometimes have to skip blogs that I know contain several large photos as the month draws to a close and my usage is reaching its max (without my having to pay a huge “over” fee!)

  2. The different daffodils are so fun! I love that double daffodil and appreciate your extra effort to get that shot. 🙂

    That is a fabulous, frame-able picture of Bess! And the girls with their chair…Paco does the same thing with blankets. In fact he likes rearranging them so much that I finally put one into his crate on top of his dog bed just to keep him happy.

    Hope your cold eases up soon!

  3. Love the garden photos but especially love seeing the doggies. (smile)…..did you ever find another Gardner to assist you?

  4. John Scheepers has the best bulbs, don’t they? I’m never disappointed. I never get any daffodils, though. I’m not sure why. I think it is because I fill up my cart with tulips and then look at my budget and say “oops”.

    For the most part, I find the early-late blooming description is not always accurate. Only those that say very late/early seem to bloom outside when the others do.

  5. They are lovely! Mine haven’t bloomed yet, but they should soon if the cats leave them alone. Any idea why my cats are eating the tips of the leaves??

  6. I was thinking about you this morning because the news had a story about some huge daffodil festival in Sacramento. I figured you must be blooming too at this point. I have a few shoots up but I decided I need to replant bunches of bulbs this fall. I think daffodils and tulips have to be replenished every few years in this area.

  7. I love it when the daffodils pop up in random places – it is the first sign of spring that I notice and it makes me so happy. Please frame that picture of Bess – it is perfect. ❤

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