Progress in the Garden

Now that the tulips are in full color, I thought I would take a few more pictures. Aren’t they pretty? And did I tell you that you can get 80 tulips for $38.00 when you buy one of their collections? These tulips are the pink and apricot impressions. That is the bridal veil bush in the background.


I like the tulips when they close up at night and early in the morning. If its warm during the day they open way up.


You can see I have a few hyacinths there. They are an apricot color. And although they have multiplied, they aren’t very big or robust.


The front bed of tulips.


And another close-up. I love the variegated colors on these.


The camellia is doing well. The pink flower thief doesn’t seem so interested in them this year. Oh, you can see that log on its side? It used to be standing with the ivy on top of it. One day it just collapsed.  I’m waiting for it to dry out a bit so I can roll it out of there. I have more logs that I can bring in to put the ivy bowl back on.


And my little trees are just starting to leaf out!


This daffodil just started blooming. It is a medium sized daffodil that always has multiple blooms on one stem. Its called Thalia.


And that’s the garden report for this week. I did find someone to come and repair my watering system–very excited about that. Every year a lot of the little sprinklers break off (probably due to Noah running around.)

5 thoughts on “Progress in the Garden

  1. All of the pinks, LOVE! Your garden is so beautifully curated – I can really see how much effort and planning you’ve put into it over the years to get to this.

  2. beautiful! I start with the best of intentions and then kill everything. Therefore my only plan adventures now are garden stuff.

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