Columbines are such a wonderful flower. They come back year after year. And sometimes they send out seeds and multiply. Here are some of the columbines that are growing in my yard this year.





This garden of mine is pretty big. And to be honest, most of the work I do out there is the work I have always done. But it just seems overwhelming this year. I go out probably four days a week and just choose one area to weed. When I get that area cleared I can go and buy a few plants at the nursery to fill in. Today I got some of my usuals: corsican mint (a ground cover that smells absolutely heavenly,) white sweet alyssum, and a “peach glow” lantana. I planted the lantana in a different place this year, with full sun, and am hoping that it will do better than the past few years.

Another plan I have is to allow certain areas to just go wild. In other words, I’m not going to prune the flowering almond and the bridal veil bush, and I am going to allow the violets and the fairy impatiens to have free range (except for a few areas šŸ™‚ )

Last year my foxgloves needed to be replaced, and I chose to plant Canterbury bells instead. They are getting ready to bloom, and I am interested to see what they look like. Many of my roses are full of buds, but we’ve had a cold spell for a few days so they are taking their sweet time.

9 thoughts on “Columbines!

  1. Canterbury bells are so pretty! I think they are in the campanula family? I am jealous of your columbine. I cannot get them to work here and they are supposed to be so easy! I have tried several times and they never come back or get eaten by a critter (I’m assuming).

    • They are in the campanula family. I was surprised when I saw that. Well, you do very well with some plants that I can’t grow, so I think we are even šŸ™‚

  2. Love the garden pictures! Would you like seeds of a orange/yellow columbine? Some call it red/yellow, but it really is more of an orangey red.

    • Thanks for the offer. I didn’t show them, but I do have some orange/yellow columbines! They were just hiding behind a tree.

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