What Happened in my Garden

Here’s what I saw when I drove up. This is that little wild rose just loaded down with blooms! I pruned it pretty severely this winter, but it does seem to be getting bigger and bigger!


Here’s the garden with my roses, the canterbury bells, and a foxglove that managed to get in there. I even have a few delphiniums blooming there!


A close-up:


And this was a big surprise. One of my little trees is an azalea, and I was so surprised to see it blooming.


I walked outside the yard to get this picture of my honeysuckle vine. I also pruned it pretty severely in the winter. It is huge, and I love when I walk outside in the evening and get a whiff of that beautiful perfume from them.


And this is what the chickens do ANY TIME I walk by them. They are always certain that I am bringing them food or a treat. And usually, they are right 🙂


This week its supposed to be in the 90’s all week, so I will be walking early in the morning, spending some time in the garden, giving Noah the big white dog a bath, and then spending the majority of time in the house rug hooking and quilting.

7 thoughts on “What Happened in my Garden

  1. I LOVE honeysuckle!!! I wish I could plant some underneath my bedroom window so that when I open my window, the scent of honeysuckle floods in.
    When you give Noah a bath, give him a big squeeze for me!!
    That azalea is so pretty! (as are all of your flowers) 🙂

  2. Honeysuckle is something I would plant if I had a bigger yard. I love it so. There is one stretch of road I run on where it was growing for about 1/2 a mile. I ran by there the other day and the state had removed it all! I was so disappointed. Your chickens are a riot!

  3. OK I was scrolling down, enjoying the beautiful flowers (the ombre on the azalea is lovely) and when I got to the chickens all lined up I literally laughed out loud. They are so fun! I love seeing all of the different…coats? is that appropriate? On them. What a crowd!

  4. How many eggs do you get each day? My tiny garden is going berserk so yours must be gorgeous. All that rain and now all the sun! We could keep it under 100 and I wouldn’t complain.
    Have fun and stay cool!

  5. That is such an unusual azalea – how cool! You have such a great cottage style garden. It’s what I’m hoping mine will get to eventually. It takes forever, though, doesn’t it?

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