Applying for Medicare

I Know! Its hard to believe I’m this old. But I will be 65 in December, and so I had to start making preparations. It made me very nervous. But there is a guy at the UC Center that has helped me with health care over the years, and he told me last year to call him in September.

In fact, I had already received my Medicare card, and I didn’t even know it because I was a little afraid to look at that piece of mail.

Anyway, this guy told me exactly what to do. Turns out my supplemental insurance from the UC system will only cost me $40 instead of the $340 I was paying! And he did advise me to sign up for part D (medicine.) I was pretty sure I wanted to do that, because my mom did not sign up for it, and now she has to pay $50 extra every month…

So I got a little confused about how to do that, but then I saw you could sign up online. Oh, and let me advise you—READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT YOUR PASSWORD. I about gave up on getting a password until I looked over and saw there were MORE instructions about the password. So then I tried signing up for the basic medicine (part D) which said it was $12.90. But then I filled out the whole questionnaire, and at the end it said I had EnvisionRxPlus, and it did not say how much that cost! I tried calling them, but I did not have the number they wanted so that didn’t work. The next morning, I tried live chatting with medicare, but they also couldn’t help me. Then I finally saw that they had a website. Went on there, and sure enough, the cost was $12.90…

Anyway, looks like I am set, and I will have more choices than ever, according to the UC guy. I also found this interesting article talking about if you even need supplemental insurance with Medicare.

6 thoughts on “Applying for Medicare

  1. Note: there are odd rules for some things. Like my mom just mentioned she has to get some shots (shingles I think) at Walgreens (rather than her doctor’s office).

  2. So glad you are going through this so that you can advise me when it’s my turn!! 🙂 And yay on not paying $340 anymore – I love a good discount!!! 🙂

  3. I’m impressed that you basically got a raise by getting Medicare! That’s pretty awesome. I know my parents have part D but they each have different plans for that so one pays more than the other. That’s all I know and have to know for three more years, until it’s time for Jeff to sign up. Thanks for the tips – it’s totally uncharted waters for me.

  4. I went to a professional who walked me through the steps. Unfortunately no matter what plan I chose my depression meds would cost $1,500 per month so I had to come off that. He showed me that the most important thing to do was to choose the best supplemental plan as I could change it later – on down the road if I wanted a lower payment – but if I began with a cheaper plan and later wanted to change it I was opening myself up to having my medical history scrutinized. I have been pleased with the coverage. Some friends with an HMO plan have deductibles and fewer choices of doctors and it seems it takes them longer to get an appt. and they have to wait for referrals. Medicare has been one of the benefits of turning 65. Good luck.

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