My Generator…and a Little Garden Update

So, after living up here for 32 years, I finally decided to get a generator. I got the same model as my neighbors, and Tom helped me TREMENDOUSLY with setting the generator up. I was supposed to run it for about an hour once a month. But it has a key fob that turns it on and off automatically, and I forgot to turn the start buttons to OFF, and the battery went dead. Aaargh. So, after trying to order new batteries (wrong size) Tom took my old battery to his house and powered it up! Just in time because PGE decided to take our power out all day yesterday and today. I have one light, the computer and wifi machine plugged in, and the refrigerator. And, in the morning, I bring out my coffee machine and plug it in and make myself a cup of coffee 🙂

So, here is an abbreviated garden report. The salvia seem to love the cooler weather. Their color is so brilliant blue! You can also see the zinnias that I planted in front of them. They aren’t blooming as well as I thought, maybe because the weather is so cool.


One more pic of the salvia with my magenta geraniums in front of them.


One zinnia.


Okay. Have you guys ever heard of Giant Poison Ivy? All those red leaves are poison ivy. And this past summer, I actually got poison ivy on my arm just from a little shoot that was starting up. Anyway, it is starting to come into my yard. So I have a plan. In the middle of winter I am going to get disposable clothing from the thrift store, going to put a plastic bag over my head, and get good gloves from Walmart, and I am going to cut that sucker down, along with the little tree it is climbing. I have poison and a good sprayer all ready to go. After all is done, I will throw away everything that I was wearing and go take a shower.


Here you can see the base of it. It is a pretty good sized vine.


This abutilon is huge, and it didn’t bloom this year. So it is going! Hopefully I can dig it out myself.


Here is a part of the garden that I am very pleased with. It got shadier over here, so I planted heuchera and ferns. They are all doing so well.



All the maples are doing well, and all the trees. I got quite a few apples on my apple tree this year, maybe because I pruned it last winter. But mostly I am a little overwhelmed by the garden. It hurts my back to bend down and pick weeds, so I mostly don’t do that. I am having my tree guy come to prune the flowering cherry this fall. It is getting too tall! Anyway, that’s the report for now. Hopefully I’ll have some fall color to show you in a little while.

8 thoughts on “My Generator…and a Little Garden Update

  1. What the everloving heck? Giant poison ivy?? Does everything have to be on steroids now? Geez, that is one BIG plant to remove. I love your plan with the disposable clothing – smart thinking, lady!

    Sorry you only got one zinnia but the one you have is so pretty. And weeds, schmeeds…your garden looks beautiful.

    So the generator thing. WTF PG&E??? I am stunned that they are doing this. What happens to people who had a fridge or freezer full of food? Not everyone has a generator – good forward thinking on your part to get one – but seriously, there isn’t a better way?

  2. The whole PGE thing is weird. There was NO wind here, and the temps have been 69-70. I heard that there was wind elsewhere, but why did they turn our energy off??? And, they say they have to check to see if there were any problems with their lines. Anyway, I am running out of water, and I am going to wash my hair the Haiti way–I think I can do it with 5 glasses of water 🙂

  3. Very experienced poison ivy person here. Do not cut it. Cutting it is like dead heading or pruning. If the roots survive it will come back bigger and stronger. Instead I use Round up concentrate straight, not diluted. I paint it on with a paint brush.

  4. Heck no I haven’t heard of giant poison ivy! Can’t you get your tree guy to just take that down for you? Your plan is great but if I could pass that job off I think I would.

    I was wondering if you were caught up in that electrical disaster. I’m sorry! But I’m really glad you have that generator. I hope this doesn’t go on for too long.

    • My tree guy was the one who pointed it out to me a couple of years ago. I think he might be highly allergic to it so he didn’t want to do anything. I can do it myself for sure.

  5. That poison ivy! Ugh. Have you ever seen giant hogweed? That stuff is so bad that you are supposed to report it to have it removed by the professionals because the burns are so severe.

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