Noah’s Birthday

Baby pictures of Noah:

2 Months old:


4 months old:


This past Saturday Noah turned 10 years old! Since it was Saturday and his trainer has a class on that day, I drove over at the end of the class and took some Apple Hill donuts over. I am very appreciative of all the work she’s done with Noah, and also a couple of her helpers that worked with Noah. Of course, I forgot to take pictures over there. So I took a picture when I got home. Noah had just had a bath, but the picture doesn’t look so much like that.


When I took Noah to a special vet to be neutered, I asked how long these dogs lived. She told me that many times they escaped and were hit by cars or other terrible things happened to them. Noah has surprisingly never tried to escape from my yard. He has occasionally run off when I leave the gate open, but he always came back. Noah is slowing down. He still takes walks with me, but he usually walks behind me. Of course he never picks up sticks on our walks. But he does still enjoy barking. And he does enjoy sleeping most of the day!

A little rant: this bit with PGE turning the power on and off is getting VERY old. I am very glad that I got a generator this year, and that my neighbor Tom has been very helpful in giving me advice on how to keep it going. I wish it would rain a BIG rainstorm.

And here’s a few pictures of my garden. Its also very hard to water the garden when they turn the electricity off (I have a well, so I run out of water frequently.) Today at the gym, one lady told me they filled their bathtub up so they could flush their toilet–brilliant!!







And one more new thing. I am going to have my contractor put the fence all the way around my whole yard. Please don’t ask me how much it is going to cost! I have a large yard, and I was even shocked at the cost!

Oh, one more new thing. A friend gave me her mom’s Keurig. I never thought I’d want one, but I do love it. The only thing is that I think it might be old and it gets clogged up frequently. So Keurig sent me a 25% off coupon, and I bought a smaller Keurig. Then I researched what kind of water to put in it, and they said Distilled water. Walmart has a lot of water on sale, so I bought 10 gallons of distilled water!

4 thoughts on “Noah’s Birthday

  1. Enjoyed your photos especially those of your sweet Noah. Our furry friends do get sweeter with the years. May he have many more years with you and his furry siblings.

  2. Awww, sweet puppy Noah with his crown of fur – he’s still so cute only now I have to add handsome to the mix. I remember when you got him…dang, time goes by fast.

    As for PG&E, I don’t even live there anymore but I am furious for all of you and infuriated by their shittiness about this entire situation. Massive corporate greed, front and center. The idea that this is going to happen for the next decade?? HOW are they getting away with this? Ugh, sorry I didn’t mean to rant but this is ridiculous.

    Onto the Keurig. The poker needle that goes into the capsule needs to be cleaned every once in a while and can get clogged with a couple of coffee grounds. I had a special tool to remedy this – it was an unfolded paper clip. Seriously, you just clean the poker thing with that and you’re good to go. The coffee pod makers are so convenient, aren’t they?

    Yay for your fence – it’ll be worth it, totally.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANDSOME NOAH!!! I remember when you got him, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Out of all of your pets, he has been my favorite – I canNOT resist a fluffy dog!!

    We have a Keurig at work but a regular old coffee maker at home. I think I drink more tea than coffee now, but I do love those new slimmer Keurigs – is that what you got? And I didn’t know you were supposed to use distilled water in them – at work we use filtered water (Hey Culligan Man!).

    Your flowers are lovely!! 🙂

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